Winstograph for Instagram

Winstograph for Instagram
(1500 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1500 total ratings on Google Play)


Winstograph (Widgetizes Instantly your Photograph)-Widget and Downloader for Instagram
Will enable you to :

To Download & crop your favorite instagram photos,
To Set them as wallpaper,
To See your instagram photos on your homescreen as widgets,
To See your instagram pages & statistics on your homescreen up to date.

Download Winstograph and enjoy, or continue reading :)

Winstagram Will continue to serve you with a new brand name "Winstograph for Instagram".

Widgetize my Instagram Photos!

Instagram is like one line of a street, which permits people to upload a
nd share their photos. But what about the opposite side of the street, which means here "to download"? Liking your girlfriend''s or relatives''s new photos on instagram is nice, but seeing them on your homescreen instantly may be better.So, Here comes the new app, Winstograph:

Winstagram enables you to put your favorite instagram photos on your home screen. You can surf your favorite instagram pages and add your favorite photos on your home screen whenever you want. Also you can crop, download, or set as wallpaper your favorite instagram photos.

You can navigate through statigram and get statistics & analysis of your photos. You can also take a snapshot of your statistical information (your followers, your likes, love rate..) and share it through that webpage. Statigram can help you increase your photos'' popularity by providing you a good insight on what tags have the most popularity as well.

Download Winstagram and have fun!

Please see the video below before using the app..
What is new (Update NewClassic7):

You will really enjoy new update. Here is what you can do with Winsta:

1. You can add up to 4 different instagram photos as widget to your homescreen!

2. You can see your feed page, new likes, favorite instagram page, or any statistics up to date on your homescreen with WinstaFeed widget.

3. You can crop, download, or set as wallpaper your favorite instagram photos

4. We included external links to Webstagram and Statigram websites. These websites will provide you with some additional functions and much useful information to help you increase popularity of your photos.

5. Please note that you can surf through the pictures of who you follow in instagram by this app; however, you will still need the official instagram app to sign up the first time..

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