Current Caller ID & Block

Current Caller ID & Block
(180k total ratings on Google Play)
WhitePages / Communication
Downloads: 5M
(180k total ratings on Google Play)


WhitePages Current -- the best app for Caller ID & Text ID plus blocking and a full contacts list and dialer!

- Caller ID - Identify calls from unknown phone numbers before you answer the call
- Text ID - Know who is texting you if they are not in your phone contact list
- Spam ID – Stop unwanted calls with Current’s advanced spam detection
- Call Block - Block spam calls, pesky telemarketers, or scams like the notorious “one ring”
- See social status, weather & news for your closest contacts.
- Automatically build your contacts list with names and addresses from WhitePages as you use your phone

A combined contacts list helps you find everyone in one place: people from your address book, your social networks, your recently identified calls or texts, plus the WhitePages directory of over 200 million people and businesses.

**50 Best Android Apps of 2014 - TIME Magazine**
**Webby Award Nominee**
**Top 10 App - TIME Magazine **
** Android App of the Week - Gizmodo **

"WhitePages’ new Current Caller ID app is the future of smartphone calling" – VentureBeat
"Caller ID on steroids" - Huffington Post

WhitePages Current Caller ID & Block helps you:

- ID incoming and outgoing numbers, including people, businesses and mobile phones. Phone numbers without a name are a thing of the past!

-Protect yourself against phone scams with alerts on incoming and outgoing calls when a fraud or scam call is suspected including the ''one-ring'' scam. Get the true caller identity for unsolicited calls.

- Stay up-to-date effortlessly with social and local information on your top callers and texters. Know what’s happening with friends and family by seeing status from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter without browsing through countless social network updates.

- Manage all your calls, texts and contacts in one place. Your Contacts list builds itself automatically based on who you call or text. Find everyone’s contact info easily with a single search across your networks and WhitePages.

- Block unwanted calls & texts* so you control who gets through. Avoid telemarketers, scammers, and even the occasional ex-significant other. (*Text blocking not available on Android 4.4/KitKat)

- Have some fun with infographics about your calling and texting habits. Share colorful charts with friends and family to show how you use your phone to communicate with others.

- Keep your favorite people a tap away on your home screen with the Current widget.

* Caller ID may be post-call on Verizon Wireless and Sprint

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