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Portrait Lens
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(530 total ratings on Google Play)


Portrait Lens turns flat images taken with the phone’s camera to three-dimensional, giving you an illusion that a photo has been made with a professional photo camera.

Now your photo studio will always be with you. Making a high-quality photo is a piece of cake. Just make a few strokes to separate a subject from the background. The application will take care of the rest:

- detect the subject regardless of its shape complexity;
- blur the background and reduce its saturation;
- smoothen a transition between the subject and the background.

You can always change the applied effects and add new ones.

Effects (separately for the background and foreground):
- brightness, hue, and saturation;
- sharpen and blur;
- reduce noise;
- pencil sketch.

Effects for the background:
- motion blur (value ang angle).

Effects for the original image:
- auto levels;
- auto tone.

The noise filter can help you eliminate artifacts caused by the small size of the matrices in phone cameras. By adjusting the amount of filtering, you can remove skin blemishes and wrinkles in a photo.

Using Portrait Lens you can save all the bright moments of your life without having to carry heavy and fragile photographic equipment.

Update your photo gallery, take a fresh new look at your favorite photos.
Surprise your friends with high-quality photographs. Share your photos using any of the apps on your device such as e-mail, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, etc.

Please note that the application recalculates all the effects for a specified resolution when you save a photo. Although it may take quite some time, the quality of a photo will be higher than what you see on the screen. Portrait Lens allows you to save photos up to 3 megapixels.
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"Naturally, your results will probably not measure up to what you’ll get with a paid portrait service, but for a lightweight app on Android, it certainly does a good job... The user interface is clean and intuitive, allowing you to dive straight in without any need for a lengthy tutorial, and with a plethora of useful effects, turning your bog-standard snap into something a little more refined will be simple and enjoyable." - Redmond Pie.

"Portrait Lens allows you to simulate the bokeh effect of longer and faster lenses. It also allows you to apply effects such as color filters, and you can even remove skin blemishes and wrinkles" - XDA-Developers.

"Photo manipulation app for Android that allows users to simulate the DSLR focus effect in mobile phone’s photos. The application uses a special algorithm to give the image subject more focus and provides a number of control options to achieve the desired effect." - Photography Blog.

"Portrait Lens is a clever little application that enables you to easily add distinct layers to your photographs... If you want a figure to really stand out from the background, or want to define skin tone better, or even effectively increase motion blur, Portrait Lens is most definitely your friend." - androidtapp.com

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