Werewolf Simulator Adventure

Werewolf Simulator Adventure
(1900 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1900 total ratings on Google Play)


This game is not for everyone. Only a select few will want to take part in this 3D Adventure. This game is part adventure, part treasure hunt, part smash and dash. It all takes place in a highly interactive 3D game environment. This game has all the features of you would expect from a Werewolf Simulator - blood and guts, smashing walls, destroying the medieval village - but also fun elements you would find in a hidden treasure hunt or maze type of game.

--Control a huge 3D Werewolf (Half Man / Half Wolf) also known as a Lycanthrope
--4 Fun and Interactive Maps
--Shark appears in the Second levels
--Smash as many objects as possible to get the highest score
--High Quality graphics in a Medieval City setting
--Play to collect all the coins, or go for the High Score

The goal is to find all the coins before the time expires. You get extra time for each heart you find. Or, you may choose to play for the high score. Find all the gold coins to advance to the next level.

Jump and smash through walls. Race and run around the huge city map to hunt down and slice into your next victim. Slice into deer, cows, goats, and even sharks swimming in the water on the advanced levels. This city never even saw it coming.

If you enjoy playing Goat Simulator, Shark Simulator, Dinosaur Sim or Bear Simulator, you will probably enjoy being this half human half wolf creature. If you don''t enjoy those types of 3D free play games, you should look elsewhere because you will not enjoy this game.

**Notes to players** This game is not for everyone. This is a type of game that some people love. other will find uninteresting. Some users asked us for a 3D Werewolf Game, so we obliged. We think this game has many fun elements, we hope you do as well. It also pushes the performance limits of most devices. If you have a slow and underperforming device, it is unlikely this app will work.

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