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Google Gesture Search Launcher

Launch Gesture Search from the app or from the Notification bar
An incredibly useful feature which works hand in hand with Google Gesture Search and makes the Gesture Search accessible at any time

Ever wondered if you can search Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia in one go.
NOW YOU can do it using Quick Search.
Also you can follow the popular Search Trends from Google Trends.
DOWNLOAD the Best Search app yet on Google Play. I am sure you''ll LOVE IT.

Features :

1) Web Search

Search anything on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Twitter, Aol.com, About.com in one go

2) Image Search

Search your favourite images on Google Images, Bing Images, Yahoo Images, Picasa, Flickr, Pinterest in one go.
Not only that you can DOWNLOAD THE IMAGES TOO by Long pressing the image

3) People Search

Search for Entrepreneurs, Celebrities on Wikipedia, IMDB, Forbes in one go.
Also find what they are tweeting in TWITTER
Like their FACEBOOK pages.

4) Search Product Reviews

Read expert reviews, articles on your favourite gadgets on CNET, TechRadar, T3.com, Engadget, Gizmodo in one go.

5) Search News

Hunt for News on your favourite topics in one go on Google News, Yahoo News and Bing News

6) Search Stocks

Get quotes on your Stocks and read Financial News on Google Finance, Yahoo Finance and Investopedia.

7) Dictionary

Find the meanings of words you come across from Wikipedia, Wikitionary, Oxford dictionary and Wordnet in one go.

8) Code Search

Are you a developer.
Search answers for your technical queries on Google code, Stackoverflow in one go.

9) Search Travel Topics

Looking to travel somewhere. Want to know about that place.
Search Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikitravel in one go

10) Question & Answer Search

Get answers for your questions from Ask.com, ehow.com and Answers.com in one go

11) Shopping

Compare prices on Amazon and Ebay in one single go

12) Russian (ру́сский) Search

Search Top Russian (ру́сский) sites like Yandex, Mail.ru, Rambler, Google Russia, Yahoo Russia, Wikipedia Russia in one go.

13) Chinese (汉语) Search

Search Top Chinese (汉语) sites like Baidu, Soso, Sogou, Youdao, Dangdang, Taobao.com, Google, Yahoo China, Wikipedia China in one go

14) Japanese (日本語) Search

Search Top Japanese (日本語) sites like Baidu Japan, Hatena, Goo, OKWave, So-net, Nifty, Google Japan, Yahoo Japan, Wikipedia Japan in one go

15) Korean (한국어) Search

Search Top Korean (한국어) sites like Naver, Nate, Daum, Danawa, Google Korea, Yahoo Korea , Wikipedia Korea in one go

16) Hot Search Trends

Get to know the Hot Search trends of your location from Google Trends

Much more features to be added...Watch out for updates.


The content provided is owned by the respective sites from which it is fetched.
This app is only an intuitive, easy, organised way of making search easier.

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