Wheretoget shopping style

Wheretoget shopping style
(2800 total ratings on Google Play)
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(2800 total ratings on Google Play)


Wheretoget is a fashion shopping app that allows you to buy all your favorite looks found on Tumblr, Pinterest, Weheartit and even on the street! Get stylish now!
This community of fashionistas will help you get inspired and find all the fashion items you want but don’t know where to find! Our fashion community will soon become your favorite fashion assistant for three reasons:

1. You can ASK ANYTHING YOU WANT to the community: if you’re dying to know where to get a shirt you fell in love with, post its picture on Wheretoget and get the answer!

2. You can PERSONALIZE YOUR FEED: follow the trends, bloggers, accessories and clothes you like in order to get inspired and buy your favorite looks!

3. And of course you can HAVE FUN: help other fellow fashionistas find the newest trends and share your fashion tips!

On our website wheretogetit (whose address is wheretoget.it), more than 500.000 members have joined our fashion community so far and let’s face it, half a million people can hardly be wrong :)
So get on board too!

As seen on:

The fashionmag.com: "Wheretoget: the yellow pages of fashion" - 2012

More details here:

Wheretogetit is a new social fashion application which will help you find outfits, fashion blogs or even help in fashion in general.

The idea is to post the picture of a fashion item you’re looking for and wait for the Wheretoget community to answer you. To have an answer, it is best to take a nice picture of what you need and to tag it with the app. We advise you to tag precisely what is in the pictures to improve your rate of success :-)

Then you can also get involved in other members’ requests and help them ! The more you help, the more people will follow you ! The more people follow you, the more you will find where to get what you want! You can try to beat our top members at this game and show off your inner fashionista insight! Once a week, we send a newsletter with our top members so you can get international recognition!!!!

You can also explore the world of fashion in several categories: trends, bloggers, clothes, celebrities, and movies/TV series to find what you want to follow.

The search function allows you to find your fashionista friends or tags such as: Blake Lively, Pretty Litte Liars, or One Direction :D but also "Prom dress" (the collection of prom dresses found by our members) or "aztec" to find the latest aztec clothes posted :-)

On your profile, you can find the list of your liked looks, of all your tips and all the looks you want to find. You can also check your friends'' profiles to see what they like, if you want to offer them a surprise fashion gift. Our community works hard to provide answers to most looks so you should be able to find what they want and buy it for them.

With your free account on the app, you can also join the website http://wheretoget.it and get involved in the forums where you can find discounts, and chat with other fashionistas.

If you have any suggestions to improve the app, you can send us an email : hello@wheretoget.it. We will do our best to polish the app until it fits exactly what you wish :-)

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