XFINITY Constant Guard Mobile

XFINITY Constant Guard Mobile
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(650 total ratings on Google Play)



The easy, safe way to bank & shop on your mobile device
• Log in to accounts with a tap
• Autofill shopping carts
• Bank, shop via a secure browser

Automatic, Secure Login
• With a tap, log in to all of your banking, shopping, email, social and other accounts
• No more having to remember passwords
• No more typing or opening a browser

Time-saving Cart Autofill
• Constant Guard lets you automatically fill in your credit card, billing and shipping info with a tap for faster and easier online shopping
• You no longer have to enter credit card, billing, shipping and other information into the shopping cart

Safer Banking & Shopping
• In addition to easy login, you get a safe login as well
• Constant Guard uses a safe browser so your account becomes invisible to hackers
• Safe Search tells you which websites could be threats before you click

How does Constant Guard work?
1. Once you install Constant Guard on your phone or tablet, you set up a master PIN. This secure password PIN opens both the app and helps protect your data if your device is lost or stolen. No password other than this PIN is required.
2. Enter login details for your accounts along with credit card information. This data will be visible only to you and won’t leave your device.
3. When you want to open one of your accounts, just open the app and tap on the account name. Your account will automatically log in through our secure browser.
4. For cart autofill, you can easily bring up your stored credit card data and fill in each shopping cart field with one tap.

With Constant Guard, you get:
• A secure password manager
• Automatic login without having to remember each account name or password
• Safe banking login
• Secure credit card storage and management
• Shopping cart autofill
• Secure browser for safer banking, shopping, and socializing
• Safe Search threat indicator to avoid dangerous websites

Want even more protection?
• Download the Constant Guard mobile app to get Norton Mobile Security to help protect your smartphone or tablet from viruses, malware, theft and more. Additional charges apply.

Constant Guard also is available for your PC. Get the same easy password manager, credit card autofill, secure browser and more for all your devices. Visit Comcast.net and look for the download Constant Guard Protection Suite link.

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