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Remote Magic Mouse
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(200 total ratings on Google Play)


A gesture touch and motion control wifi mouse for Android.

Remote Magic Mouse enables you to use your phone as wifi mouse with its unique features such Live Desktop Stream,
Motion Control Mouse,and Touch Mouse with gesture features .

With Motion Control feature you can experiment and use your desktop mouse by moving your phone, play simple games,
you will be able to play first person shooters games (Currently Motion Control supports only certain games,you can always try and test for more games)

Works with almost every operating system such as Mac,Linux and Windows.
You can simply download the Remote Magic Mouse Server for you computer by
visiting http://www.whiztools.org and start using your android phone as your remote mouse in seconds.

You can connect to multiple computers on your home wifi network.
One of the most brilliant features like Live Desktop stream will enable you to see every
activity from a remote distance as far as your wifi distance even if you are away from your computer ,
take screenshots of your desktop from your mobile. You can monitor, watch any computer screen straight on your mobile.

Worried what your kids are up to while using computer,you can simply run Remote Magic Mouse Server and watch their activities easily live on your mobile.

• Touch Mouse with gestures
• Single Tap
• Double Tap
• Mouse Right Click
• Scroll Up/Down
• Scroll Left/Right
• Dont forget to check gesture guide in the application.

Motion Control Mouse
• Control your mouse with your phone sensors.
• Precise adjustable motion controller.
• Play games like Quake 3,Bioshock
• You can use Motion Control feature for many purposes yet to be discovered.
• Please note that currently all computer games are not compitable with Motion Control mode.

Live Desktop Stream
• Stream you desktop on your wifi network
• Switch quickly to any other computer on your network with few simple steps
• Take screenshots straight away.Screenshot are automatically saved to your on your SDcard.
• Adjustable Quality for streaming and screenshot images.
• It can be used for many purposes, monitoring,watching multiple desktops while away from your computer in your home wifi Once you setup Remote Magic Mouse Server on computer,you can easily get connected with your phone.

• Mouse Mode(Motion Control Mode,Touch Mode)
• Motion Control Sensitivity
• Mouse Move Sensitivity
• Mouse Scroll wheel sensitivity
• Single/Double Tap gesture for mouse left click
• Gesture Scroll Up/Down sensitivity
• Gesture Scroll Left/Right sensitivity
• Adjust Desktop Stream Quality(HD,Normal,Low,Very Low)
• Enable/Disable Mouse Right Click Gesture
• Enable/Disable Mouse Long Click Gesture
• Enable/Disable Vibration for mouse touch mode

Screen sizes
• All android phone and tablets are supported

Instructions guide

You can find simple guide installation and gestures in the application.
Start using in 3 simple steps.

1. Download
Go to http://www.whiztools.org and download the Remote Magic Mouse Server for your operating system Mac,Linux and Windows.

2. Run
Follow the instructions on the website and run your Remote Magic Mouse Server

3. Connect
Once your Remote Magic Mouse Server is up and running your desktop computer enter the computer ip number on your phone.

4. Good Luck
Now you should be connected and start using motion controlled wifi mouse.

• Mac Screen Icon Base by http://officinadigitale.forumcommunity.net/
• All logos used in the artworks belongs to their rightful owners.

Help and Support
If you bump into any trouble please contact us.

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