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Swift WiFi
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(700 total ratings on Google Play)


*** There is no difference between this and Swift WiFi Pro. If you believe this app is good please help us by downloading the pro app. Thank you ***

Add, connect and manage Wi-Fi access point on your Android phone swiftly.

After installing the application, long press on the workspace then go to Widgets and select "Swift Wi-Fi" from the list. It can also be launched from launcher.

1. Toggle Wi-Fi using the ON/OFF button
2. Connect to your preferred Wi-Fi access point
3. Click on the connected Access point to know the security, link speed, signal strength and IP Address.
4. Manage Wi-Fi access point (Delete unused access point)
5. Add new Wi-Fi connection (Supports Open, WEP, WPA/WPA2 PSK and 802.1x EAP)
6. Easy setup using QRCode (See below)

Permission''s used:

android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, android.permission.CAMERA, android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE, android.permission.WRITE_APN_SETTINGS

Easy Setup:

Typing WiFi password is a hassle. Easy setup will generate a QR code of your connected network which you can later scan to connect.

A group of friends visit your house and you would like to share your WiFi with them. Instead of giving them your password in a piece of paper and then they type on their smartphone to connect, you can click on the easy setup button to generate the QR code. The phone which is connected to a WiFi network will generate the QR Code and the phone which is not connected to any WiFi network will enter scanning mode.

The QR code generated by this app is compatible with zxing (Barcode Scanner) app which has more than 50 million downloads. As long as your friends has this application or the most popular zxing application this method will work.

If your phone is rooted you don''t need to type in your WiFi password to generate a QR code. It will all be done for you in a single click. If your phone is not rooted, or you don''t want this application to have root access, you will need to type in your WiFi password to generate a QR code. This application does not use the INTERNET permission, so you can grant the app root access to read your WiFi password without worrying about bad things happening.

This app is completely free and there are no ad''s or limited functionality compared to pro app. If you like to support us please buy the pro app.

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