WIFI Booster - WIFI Optimizer

WIFI Booster - WIFI Optimizer
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(610 total ratings on Google Play)


We have developed the lightest and fastest WIFI Booster and Optimizer on The Android Market.

Some things that you should note:

You MUST be connected to a WiFi network! This app will refresh WiFi connections & improve WiFi signal.

1.) Turn WiFi "On" in device Settings.

2.) Connect to WiFi network & sign in if it''s a secure network.

3.) Press WiFi Boost

4. Let the app run its course and optimize your connection. This can take a few minutes depending on your connection.

This FREE WiFi Signal Booster application allows you to boost WiFi and improve WiFi signal on your Android phone or tablet for free! This app is not designed to crack secure WiFi networks or hack WiFi signals. This WiFi booster is designed as a fast and simple way to refresh wireless signal from your WiFi network and give you the fastest WiFi signal available.

A free WiFi signal boost can be achieved simply by using this app when you connect to a WiFi network and press the WiFi booster icon on your Android device to Boost WiFi and improve wireless signal. This app works in a similar manner to when you unplug your wireless router and wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in to boost wireless signal/ reset wireless connections.

An app (free or paid) can not unlock secure WiFi networks or move a wireless signal closer to your device. It also can not make the wireless router send out a stronger WiFi signal. What it CAN do is to refresh the WiFi connection and give you the best possible connection to the wireless network without the hassle of going into your phones settings to disconnect your WiFi signal and then reconnect it.

If you have any questions or need help getting the free WiFi Boost app to work, please feel free to contact us about how to boost wifi signal or how to use the wifi signal boost app.
This free app should boost wifi reception and improve wifi reception on your Android phone or tablet! Be sure to reset your wireless router if you are still having problems connecting.

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