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Calling all poets, aspiring poets, poetry fans and lovers of words!

Do you write like Shel Silverstien? Is Leaves of Grass your constant companion? Do you speak in Haikus? Slam your thing? Do you write ballads or sing sonnets?

Then you should post your poetry on Poet''s Corner!

Poet''s Corner is a place for people to post your poems and read the poems of fellow poets. If you have your phone with you it''s suddenly easy to make poetry a regular part of life.

"I always wanted a place where I could post my poetry and the poems looked good" - Anonymous

If you have rhythm or love rhyme or maybe just like to put your thoughts on paper post your poems here!

Let''s do the rest of the description in a question-and-answer form.

★★★★★ What sort of poem should I post on Poet''s Corner? ★★★★★

Any type of poem is fine to post on Poet''s Corner, but if you need some inspiration or help some good beginning poem types are -

Free Form - Just write whatever you are feeling, there''s no right way to write a free form poem

Haiku - The 5-7-5 poem. These poems use syllable counts for their structure. The first line consists of 5 syllables worth of words. The second line has 7 syllables and the last line has 5 syllables. For Example:

Poems can be fun
If you write them with your heart
So write some poems

Rhyming Couplet - This poem type has each line rhyme with the next line. For example:

Summer has come and with it the bees
Buzzing about in the shade of the trees

Odes - Praise something! Raise your glass! Fill your tankard! Put on your tri-cornered cap and harken back to the time of heroes.

Love Poems - Get in touch with your romantic or tragic side. Try to express how you feel in words.

There are many more poetry types but there really are no rules to how to write a poem. Write what you feel!

★★★★★ How does poet''s corner work ★★★★★

There are really only 3 screens in Poet''s corner. A place for you to post your own poem, a place for you to see the latest poems created by other people and a place to show off the poem itself.

If you feel like writing poetry, use the poem post screen. If you feel like reading poetry then select a poem from the list.

★★★★★ How many poems does Poet''s Corner keep track of ★★★★★

Poet''s Corner lists the 15 most recent poems for people to read.

★★★★★ I''m afraid what if people hate my poems? ★★★★★

At Poet''s Corner poems are all anonymous. It''s a safe place to put your thoughts and hone your craft without judgement.

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