Scrap Metal Mech ( 3D PvP )

Scrap Metal Mech ( 3D PvP )
(830 total ratings on Google Play)
Wolf Mobile Designs / Action, Arcade
Downloads: 100k
(830 total ratings on Google Play)


The year is 2400, the dawn of a new age. The age of scrap metal! Earth lies in ruins torn apart by wars long past. Everywhere lays pieces of ancient machines and toxic chemicals. Mining is a thing of the past. Enough of Earth''s raw resources lay on the surface for its inhabitants to make use of. Cities and villages have formed each with small aristocratic societies. Tired of war, leaders have decided to solve their differences and entertain the masses in the Arena. Their gladiators are men and women who can dominate through controlling Mechs. Will you rule the Arena? Or join the pile of scrap littering Earth''s features?

Scrap Metal Mech is a full 3D Multiple Player PvP ( Player vs Player) game featuring several different mechs and weapons. Scrap Metal Mech is a work in progress, please write a review or email us with any issues or suggestions you have!

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Future Plans (to name a few):
-King of the Scrap Heap
-Particle effects (better graphics)
-Many more weapons (Flame Thrower, Invisibility, etc)

ACCOUNTS DISCLOSER: You will notice we have the ACCOUNTS permissions turned on for our application. We wanted to be completely transparent on why. We have had multiple instances where players have re-installed or updated their phones resulting in the loss of their profile. As we are only two developers, this takes up a lot of time to re-assign the user to the new phone or install. The ACCOUNTS permission allows us to create a unique identifier based on your email address rather than your install. This will allow you to buy a new phone or re-install the game while retaining your profile. Your email is NEVER stored in plain text, but instead we hash the email into a unique ID and store the ID. In the profile screen where you see your email we are pulling from Google the un-hashed email for your selection. We hope this explains the permissions and helps you feel more secure in our request to access the ACCOUNTS permission. Please email us for any questions or comments.

Recent Changes:
NEW User Interface!!!! We have greatly polished our user interface and added a 3D view of mechs to our garage. We hope you like the new UI as much as we liked building it!
TITLES! We added the ability to earn titles in the game. You can select one title to display while playing in game. For now, we only have titles for our beta testers. We plan on coming out with more ways to earn titles in future releases.
Admob Ads Added! In order to help pay for the recurring server costs we have implemented ads in the menu UI. We tried to make these as un-intrusive as possible and hope they help you find other great apps and products.
Ability to tie your profile to an email address on your phone. This allows you to keep your profile data if you re-install or upgrade your phone. Your email address is not stored in plain text, but hashed before we store it anywhere. This means we do not know what your email address is! We only create a unique ID using your selected email address. You can change the email address tied your profile in the profile screen.
keywords: pvp, mech, 3D, player vs player

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