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(7500 total ratings on Google Play)


Fast, easy and smart, MobileGo is the world''s smartest system optimization expert, games and application booster, space cleanup tool.
Dedicated to provide memory acceleration, to regain available storage space, to enhance operating speed of games and camera and playback performance of high-definition media files, to protect personal private information, make your phone run smoothly like the first day you bought it.

Moreover, you can connect it with your PC to back up any data on the device to your computer and you can restore the data if needed. It can also help you complete all of the Android device management on PC, such as Rooting device, File management, Sending text messages, etc.

Key Feature:Boost Memory;Clean junk files;Clean Privacy;Game/Camera/Internet Booster

*****Memory boost
Release the occupied memory, make the device run more efficiently and speed up games and apps. 1 Tap Boost support to accelerate on the device desktop directly and support automatic app acceleration without accessing the program, just for your fun.

*****Regain available storage space &Clean junk files
Intelligent analysis and cleanup system, cache or junk files with one-click. It supports advanced scanning&clearning device and SD card to release more space and improve the storage performance. One-click to get rid of worry with no enough space.

*****Permanent acceleration&Start-up management
Only with one-click, It can help you analysis and close the apps which are running in the background or starting up automatically. It’s up to you whether to allow it to run, rather than run secretly in the background. In this way, the occupied memory can be released permanently and battery life can also be improved continuously. Moreover, it can avoid of wasting phone traffic. You call the shots for your device

*****Games, Cameras, Media Player and other apps acceleration
Only with one scan, one click acceleration, releasing more memory intelligently when running games, video App, camera and other apps, you can make them start up faster, load faster, run more smoothly and have more fun. The only thing you need to do is to enjoy it.

*****Transfer files seamlessly and wirelessly in seconds
Drag&drop music, videos, pictures, documents, compressed package, etc. to the transfer box, all of them will be transferred from the computer to the device magically. Simple, fast, and smart, just for a better experience.

*****Connect MobileGo on PC and manage your device easily
 Connect MobileGo on PC via wifi, no need USB cable.
 Back up all important files and restore them with one-click, including contacts, SMS, apps, phone records, music, videos, photos, calendars and some other personal private information. Avoid of loss by accident, meanwhile, saving space on the device.
 After connecting the computer, you can send group SMS from PC with simple click.
 Apps management with one-stop service: download, install and uninstall.
 Easily manage files on SD card, such as music, videos, pictures, documents and some other files.

How to get connected through WiFi
Step 1: Launch MobileGo for Android that’s pre-installed onto your desktop.
Step 2: Open the MobileGo app that’s downloaded onto your mobile.
Step 3: Scan the QR code displayed on your desktop and click ‘OK’ to get connected ".

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