Basketball Throw!

Basketball Throw!
(21.57k total ratings on Google Play)
Workpail / Action, Arcade
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(21.57k total ratings on Google Play)


Basketball Throw! Basketball Game

In this basketball game you need to throw the basketball quickly to score as many points as possible

-Drag finger to aim basketball and make a basketball shot
-Release finger to take a basketball shot at basketball hoop
-Enjoy making basketball shots
-A fun basketball game!

Like playing games on your phone? Basketball Throw is one of the most enjoyable and simple games for Android. It''s also one of the most addictive games! So... if you like fun and addictive games, try Basketball Throw!

Critics say:

"One of the most adicting games on my android tablet"
"One of da best b-ball games on android(lg optimus)"
"I call these boredom factor games. Like toss it, play when you''re bored! very addictive."
"Great game to pass time and it''s very fun"
"Great game, very addictive!"

Why play games on your phone? After extensive analysis and deep consideration it has been discovered that...
Games are fun when you''re waiting around.
Games are a good way to pass the time on a bus.
Games are a great way to pass the time on an airplane.
Games are great if you''re bored.
Playing games can relieve tension.
Yes, that''s right, games are fun pretty much anywhere you can bring your phone. So now you have plenty of reasons to play Basketball Throw!

Don''t like games that are complicated and take time to learn? Prefer games that you can start playing instantly? Basketball Throw is one of those games that are deceptively simple. Just shoot the ball. But like other games of this type, after playing for a little while you''ll discover it''s one also one of the most challenging games out there!

Are you bored with games of chance, such as card games or dice? Try a game that puts your destiny in your own hands. Basketball Throw is one of those games where it''s entirely up to you. As you play more and more, your skills will improve and your score will go up. In each of these games you will be competing against your previous high score. It might not sound competitive at first, but after a few games of Basketball Throw you''re bound to be hooked! Don''t take our word for it, play and find out for yourself.

Tired of all the third person shooter games out there? Want one of those simple, pass-the-time games instead? Try Basketball Throw! The only violence in this game is basketball against hoop! After playing you''ll see for yourself how fun it is, you won''t miss those other games at all, give it a try!

Some games just waste your time, but not Basketball Throw! It hones your finger sliding skills, improving your ability to play all ball throw style games! Feel left out because you can''t make a jump shot from far away? Just whip out your phone, and start playing a few games of Basketball Throw in front of your friends. That''ll impress them!

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