3 Kingdoms TD:Arrow Defense

3 Kingdoms TD:Arrow Defense
(980 total ratings on Google Play)
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(980 total ratings on Google Play)


*** GREAT NEWS ***

"3 Kingdoms TD : Arrow Defense" is upgraded to a Release version integrated with INSANE modes and an ENDLESS stage. You can also get FREE TOKENS. Lots of bugs were fixed and many new features (for example, reset heroes'' skills and adjust tower upgrades freely) were added in the release version. Please give it a try and have funs.

NEW: the online rankings was just implemented!

*** REVIEWS ***

AndroidTapp.com: "It is definitely challenging & addictive... Fans of tower defense games will love this title!"

droidreviewcentral.com: "not sure how many levels the game has but one of sons has gone quite far in the game and has unlock a number of the characters without having to make any purchases"

androidgamesreview.com: "Space Invader patterning-The enemy spawning patterns should be given praise here"

appeggs.com: "It deserves a spot on any TD gamer''s device for the fascinating storyline, unique gameplay and multiple modes"


As we all know the Imperial Rome history in the western world, the China Three Kingdoms history has the similar background of “war and conquer” in the eastern world. Many famous commanders and heroes are coming from that part of the Chinese history; that is why the Three Kingdoms era is the most popular topic for the gaming industry, especially for the TD series.

Your main task in the game is to prevent various waves of armies to intrude into your city. Before their approaching to the city wall and destroying it, you need to shoot arrows to kill all of them. You can also employ heroes for the help.


* BOW: strength and agility
* TOWER: your city wall
* BOTTLE: from which you can repair the city wall

1. LU BU: a famous warrior, who possess the penetration arrow skill, which having the opportunities to do combo hits to the soldiers with one shoot.
2. ZHAO YUN: a brave warrior, who possess the power arrow skill, which having the opportunities to repel the enemies and gives them a fatal attack.
3. HUANG ZHONG: a matured warrior, who possess the multiple arrow skill, which having the opportunities to shoot several arrows at one time.

1. DIAO CHAN: a pretty wizard, who has the poison arrow skill, which having the opportunities to exert a poison affect to a range of the hit enemies.
2. SUN SHANGXIANG: a cool wizard, who has the ice arrow skill, which having the opportunities to exert a freezing affect to a range of the hit enemies.
3. ZHOU YU: a smart wizard, who has the fire arrow skill, which having the opportunities to exert a burning affect to a range of the hit enemies.

Combination of WARRIOR and WIZARD? What will happen? SUPER ASSULTING! Try it from the real game!!! HINTS: BU & CHAN.

# INSANE mode
There are 12 insane modes in total, each of them will be unlocked in every 10 stages. Why to call these modes insane? Why not trying to unlock them and have a try!

# ENDLESS stage
Endless stage will be unlocked once you passed Stage 125-5. All your attributes will keep upgrading in this stage during the progress of the waves'' spawning. The online ranking system for this mode will be implemented soon.

2.0.0R: Great NEWS, Arrow Defense is upgraded to the Release version with INSANE and ENDLESS modes integrated!

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