Discover Hong Kong‧AR

Discover Hong Kong‧AR
(300 total ratings on Google Play)
Hong Kong Tourism Board 香港旅遊發展局 / Travel
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(300 total ratings on Google Play)


***The app now includes accommodation information (Hong Kong Hotels Association

members and HKTB Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme-accredited visitor


The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), in conjunction with Cathay Pacific Airways, brings

you the Discover Hong Kong‧AR to help you experience everything Hong Kong has to offer.

Use your phone’s camera to scan your surroundings and, with Augmented Reality (AR)

technology, the app recognises what the camera is seeing and provides images, information

and directions depending on where and what you''re looking at. You don''t need an Internet

connection to use this app, as all the maps and information are available offline, meaning no

extra roaming charges on your phone bill*. And English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified

Chinese are supported.

Content includes:

• The latest info on the city''s unique attractions, the ''must sees'', great outdoors,

family fun, fascinating culture and heritage and hot events.

• Over 7,000 shops and restaurants including those belonging to the HKTB''s Quality

Tourism Services Scheme (QTS).

• A wealth of info on 500 restaurants and Hong Kong’s varied cuisine.

• Info on prices, facilities, food & beverage and directions for over 150

accommodation providers, including Hong Kong Hotels Association and HKTB QTS

Scheme members.

How it works:

• Turn on the AR function and it will show your current location in the city, point out

various nearby spots of interest such as attractions, restaurants, food districts and

shops, as well as provide you with directions to your destination.

• Search for restaurants by district or cuisine type.

• Search for shops by district or shop type.

• Search for accommodation by area or accreditation scheme membership.

• Check out what''s on in Hong Kong for the latest hot events in town.

• Shows distances and how-to-get-there information for easy navigation.

*When the ''Update'' button is pressed, internet connection is initiated. When connected to

the internet via cellular data, data roaming charges might apply and an alert message will

pop up to remind you. There are no roaming charges when using Wi-Fi.

** Supports mobile phones running Android 4.0.3 or above and screen size up to 1080 x

1920 pixels

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