Incoming! Goblins Attack TD

Incoming! Goblins Attack TD
(2800 total ratings on Google Play)
XYRALITY GmbH / Strategy
Downloads: 100k
(2800 total ratings on Google Play)


The new tower defense game (TD) with cool 3D comic graphics
Incoming! The goblins are coming. Defend yourself against hordes of incoming monsters. Choose the right combination of towers and reinforce your defenses with magical spells. Countless levels in different worlds await you. Take command and defeat your enemies wave after wave!

Free-to-Play with countless levels
Incoming! Goblins Attack TD consists of 160 crazy levels which are divided into four completely different worlds ready for you to explore. From green woods over night swamps and icy mountains into the fiery depths of the volcanic zone. Use the powerful spells and face the insidious creeps who try to overwhelm you with their nasty tricks. With the different towers you can adjust your strategy according to the situation. In this TD game, clever upgrading your towers is the key to impervious defenses.

Mighty spells and achievements
Should the towers not be sufficient, go ahead and use spells! While the goblins try to slip through your defenses, one or another fireball can keep them at bay. Upgrade your favorite spells and unleash their power on your enemies. Diverse difficulties enable you to adapt to your skills and your current form. Numerous achievements are waiting to be unlocked and collected to be shown off as your own achievements.

Countless monsters
Are you the hero to save the kingdom? Can you face dragons, the undead, goblins and other mystical creatures? What about vampires, skeletons and zombies? Or the other common monsters like demons, golems, gargoyles and trolls. Necromancers, black knights and lycanthrops also enjoy the smell of battle, just like ice wolves, barbarians and the terrifying ice queen. Those creeps are not just perfectly adjusted to the sceneries, they also strike from land and water.

High quality sound and spectacular effects
In this tower defense game (TD) a living soundscape with fantastic music awaits to fascinate you. Thanks to the the weather effects the game is also very lively. The 3D graphics enable you to zoom right into the action or just enjoy the farther perspective.

They are coming! Be prepared to repel them and save your realm!

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Our medieval MMO Lords & Knights offers you thrilling battles with thousands of others players! Diplomacy or war; there are many ways to expand your empire!

Incoming! Goblins Attack TD is completely free to play & requires an internet connection to play.

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