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Epic realtime strategy
PanzerWars is an epic realtime strategy game, that allows you to assume the role of a general of the 20th century. The war has reached the height of it’s intensity and your army will need a wise leader in order to hold their own on the battlefields of Europe. You are in charge of the defense and improvement as well as the expansion and offense of your empire. Will you choose a safe strategy or will you take a risk? Make the correct decisions and develop the best tactics to attain victory and gain dominion over Europe.

Tense Battles
Erect factories and crank up your production, in order to secure your supply lines. Raise and army of brave soldiers and powerful tanks. Construct bunkers at the front to defend your provinces and to minimize the risk of enemy attacks. Compete with up to nine players or AI-opponents. Ally yourself with others and go to battle against your enemies, in order to defeat their armies and conquer their cities. Fight on a gigantic map with more than one hundred provinces, for the dominion over Europe. 

Tactics for a World War
You can establish contact with other generals with the help of the in-game message system. Each player is both a potential ally and a potential foe. Forge alliances and create pacts to secure your reign. Scout the situation and use the goals of your fellow players to your advantage. Play in up to three different matches simultaneously for free and keep a cool head as you turn your enemies’ plans against them. Have you got what it takes to win a World War?

Multiplayer-battles with friends
PanzerWars is a multi platform game, that is available on the iPhone, iPod and iPad as well as Android devices. Take command of entire tank devisions and play from your home or on the go: with quick changes to your tactics you can outmanoeuvre your enemy. Create a game with random players of play with your friends. If you link your account to Facebook, you can share your achievements with your friends and invite them to your game with ease. Your fight will lead you to the top of the global rankings. Show everyone that a true are a true general of tanks.

Battle for power
There can be only one winner in this war: identify the opportunity and strike with the speed of lightning. Intervene and send in your tanks when your enemies are clashing or have neglected their defenses. You can attain new territories and change the lines of battle with a Blitzkrieg. But beware: if you are not careful, your enemies will join forces against you and try to reclaim what you have conquered. Command gigantic tank battles and conquer everything.

Download PanzerWars for free and witness exciting battles for the dominion over Europe.

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You need an active internet connection in order to play PanzerWars.

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