Cube Racer: A ship runner race

Cube Racer: A ship runner race
(2400 total ratings on Google Play)
Yannshu / Racing
Downloads: 100k
(2400 total ratings on Google Play)


Cube Racer is a free and exciting cube runner game available on Android!

Your ship has landed in a very strange world… Cubes appear all around you, creating a cube field, and they are stopping your way. As the ship captain, you have to save your ship and all your crew by avoiding them all.

Use your accelerometer to guide your ship: bend your smartphone on the right to lead your ship on the right, or on the left to lead it on the left. You can also control it by touching the screen from the right to left of your screen.

Avoid cubes in order to get the highest score and earn coins. The more your score rises, the more the game speeds up, and the more you earn coins. These coins will allow you to get new ships and shields in our virtual store. You can get up to 5 different ships and 3 different shields.

Share you score in the online ranking and confront the best players of the world. You can also share your score on Facebook and Twitter to challenge your friends.

A lot of different levels are available:
☆ In the first level, you have to avoid cubes in a desert area under a scorching sun.
☆ In the second level, your ship has been teleported to the matrix and you have to avoid green cubes rushing on you.
☆ In the third level, a rainbow unicorn has captured your ship and pink cubes are dangerously threatening you.
… And a lot of other levels!

Global features:
☆ Lead your ship with the accelerometer or by touching the screen
☆ A lot of different levels available
☆ Cubes appear randomly or by forming tunnels
☆ Several ships available
☆ Possibility to enable shields to temporally protect your ship
☆ Virtual store to manage and get these features easily
☆ Online best scores
☆ Share your score with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
☆ Detailed statistics of your games

Play to a new cube runner game on your Android smartphone, but with unique new features!

Cube Racer it similar to the following games:
☆ Cubefield: Cubefield is a game available on PC with an internet browser.
☆ Cube Runner: Cube Runner is another cube runner game available on iPhone.
Cube Racer, Cubefield, Cube Runner are similar, but Cube Racer has been developed independently from them.

Keywords: cubes, ship, level, score, Cubefield, cube runner, cube field

Have fun!
The Cube Racer team

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