Fast Video Rotate Trial

Fast Video Rotate Trial
(560 total ratings on Google Play)
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(560 total ratings on Google Play)


do some of your videos playback at the wrong orientation?
or do you just like watching your video sideways or upside down?

use this app to rotate any of your videos by 90, 180 or 270 degrees and change their playback orientation.

This is a trial version. it allows changing the orientation playback on just one video file. please consider upgrading to pro version if you like it. Please do give bad rating just because this is a trial version.

the orientation change is carried out by modifying a flag in the header of the video file and so the process is very fast. it completes within a few seconds.

It may not work for some video formats or some video players. If you do not want to waste few mins of your time to check it out please do not download it rather than give it a bad review. thanks.

the application makes a copy of your original video and only modifies the orientation of the copied video. Hence, to the best of our knowledge, it is very very unlikely that the application will damage any of your video files, but please use the application at your own risk.

The process of backing up your original video may probably take some time depending on the size of the video.

************* WARNING *********************

some android video players do not make use of the orientation flag and so you will see no change in the playback orientation. However if you upload the new video to your PC and use QuickTime or to youtube or facebook it will most probably work.

********* Instructions *****************

1.select a video from the displayed video list
2.use the rotate button to choose the desired rotation angle
3.use the execute (Enter) button to apply the rotation
4.use the play button to playback the new video

a new video file will be created with the selected rotation and displayed in your list of videos.

Use menu button to change folder and see more instructions.

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