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lovecall - phone book plus
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(2800 total ratings on Google Play)


Love calls for the use of your loved ones, is another phone book.
''d Like to make a call as soon as lover, family, my friends.
App for such a person.

What I do not care or was to find people to call from the phone book?
phone call to an important person I''ll always want to just as easily written also is popular, such as SNS (Mixi) (green) · mixi (Facebook) · gree facebook.
Find someone from the list of phone book of your mobile phone that is registered with a lot, you want to apply immediately. Eliminate the trouble of such app.
How the phone is very simple.

Tap the person I want to play "love calls" app!
You can call immediately with one click.
Add phone number can be entered directly from the phone book.
(The phone book does not reflect the android is synchronized with the phone book even if you add, delete from "love calls" app because it does not use)

The background changes to the design of a cute 13 species, can also be selected from the gallery photos in your own android.
Can also change the order, telephone order and registration number of the outgoing Sort by name also.
The icon for registration, so you can use the photo was taken,
I think that you register your friends and easier to use, the face of the lover.

The icons and App Store,
I received very many reviews about the design of the wallpaper.

We also received comments and everyone very happy user of Android "cute and convenient."
Reviews are all let me look.
I hope you can give me your opinion and hope, such as improved demand, and adding some features.

In "Setting" function menu, please select the time of or after use only telephone function, or function is also used sms · email.
For additional information about the improvements and features, I hope that everyone can be happy to.
Thank you to take this opportunity to.

In addition, please review If you have any request.
We ask for your continued serving.

If there is a bug when such use is fortunate and you can give me the information of the terminal available (even the OS version if possible).

Such as the app was slow to start
So who the review, we have improved.
Way up there is a defect in the later version, please review all means.

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