Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Russian Roulette Drinking Game
(700 total ratings on Google Play)
Yugel Mobile / Casual
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(700 total ratings on Google Play)


Feeling lucky? Try now Russian Roulette Drinking Game alone or with friends!
Russian Roulette Drinking Game is a drinking game where up to 6 players a random player drink, or drink when died in russian roulette. It''s a very simple mechanism to provide a lot of fun. Load a bullet into the chamber, spin the cylinder, and pull the trigger!
Best app to help you get pissed perfect for parties and LAD piss ups!
- Perfect for student parties, pre-drinking, birthday parties and a stag do.
** If you can''t handle your drink or are driving, drink sensibly :)

How to play:
Learn how to play with the gun at „Tutorial” menu, after that start the game, select max players, tap on next. Place a bullet in the cylinder, spin the cillinder, and pull the trigger. If player survived, a random player drink, if not, than the died player drink and also a random player drink. After this, next player’s turn. The game is over, when everyone is dead, and in the end everyone drink, and everyone’s drunk. :)

What you need to play:
- Friends arround the device
- Drinks :)

- Fully functional gun with all the moving parts
- Load bullets into any chamber
- Spin the cylinder
- Realistic animations
- Up to 6 players
- User friendly interface
- Speaking sounds (for which player drink or which player’s turn)
- Highest quality graphics and realistic sound!

Russian Roulette Drinking Game for Android is an awesome cool gambling game for people who''s searching for some new drinking games. You can challenge your friends on the russian roulette, there is no winner, in the end everyone will be drunk, I guarantee that! :)
The rules of Russian Roulette are simple, so it doesn''t really matter whether you''re novice gamer without basic knowledge of rules. Put one or more bullets into a revolver, turn the cylinder in a random direction and pull the trigger.
Sounds interesting? However, it''s just a game for Android smartphones and tablets
Download today for FREE and get drunk with your frineds! ;)
Enjoy !
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Warning: Please, don''t try the russian roulette game with a real gun and real bullets. Never!
Actually, the most enjoyment of Russian Roulette comes from the tense atmosphere as well as courage and luck contest.


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