How Speaking Smoothly? Free

How Speaking Smoothly? Free
(270 total ratings on Google Play)
Yuki Ochi / Entertainment
Downloads: 100k
(270 total ratings on Google Play)


How speaking smoothly?
Confirm it in this game.

The way to play is easy.
Only speaks the displayed sentences.
Droid hears it, and the pronunciation is checked and evaluated.
When scoring high and low scoring, Droid do reaction.

The utterance is called "Katsuzetsu" in Japan.
Checking "Katsuzetsu" in Japan becomes popular.
Let''s Katsuzetsu Check!

This appli uses the [Voice Search] of google.
Please check whether [Voice Search] is installed when the voice input doesn''t operate.
The Internet connection environment is necessary.

This is a free version.
A pay version that increases the number of sentences and category has been opened to the public, too.
Please use it.

The author and droid isn''t fluent in English.
Therefore, the score might be low even if you pronounces correctly.
Interesting, please enjoy the mis-conversion.

(1)The number of recorded sentences is 400 or more.
(2)Sentences can be selected from Japanese and English.
If your cell phone cannot display Japanese, the appli such as
[MoreLocale 2] might have to be installed.
(3)It''s possible to select the category, and to squeeze the range of kind of sentences.
[Tongue twister]
[Dialect] :Japanese only
[Love] :Japanese only
[Trivia] :Paid version only
[Business]:Paid version only
[Sexy]:Paid version only

Please evaluate, and comment if you can like this application.
Moreover, Please contact me with mail if trouble and the demand, etc. are found.

The copyright of droid is in Google.
droid used and produced [Androidify].

Example of sentences

The male platypus has venom
Aluminum is a metal that is most abundant in the world
Canned coffee and instant coffee was invented by the Japanese
Hippo sweat is pink
Even reading a book in the dark, not bad eyes
It is much colder than the North Pole in the South Pole
The most filthy human body is between the toes
Do not give dogs onion
Zebra scalp is gray
The dolphin is drowned
Giraffe''s cry looks like the cow
The bear gives birth to a child while hibernating
Flag of Paraguay has a different pattern in the front and back
The bullfight doesn''t react to a red color
Newt poison is tetrodotoxin
Do not give the pet bird''s bone
A cat may look at a king
A Iittle learning is a dangerous thing
Every dog has its day
Love me, love my dog
Give a dog a bad name and hang him
You can''t teach an old dog new tricks
What the eye does not see the heart does not grieve over
A bargain is a bargain
A bellowing cow soon forgets her calf
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
A burnt child dreads the fire
A cat has nine lives
A change is as good as a rest
A constant guest is never welcome
A creaking gate hangs long on its hinges
A drowning man will catch at a straw
A fool and his money are soon parted
A new broom sweeps clean
A woman kissed is half won
love at first sight
She sends you her love
The river flows between the two countries
They are between jobs
see the sights of New York
You dirty dog!
a young child
I''m not getting any younger
close an umbrella
close the door
an open envelope
the open sea
She was like a daughter to me
You sound like a professor
cry one''s eyes out
She has blue eyes
Did you enjoy your trip?
Have a nice trip
The car is high in price
These shoes are pinching my feet
Thanks for bringing a smile to my face
She always has an expressionless face
She sells seashells by the seashore
The shells she sells are surely seashells
So if she sells shells on the seashore
I''m sure she sells seashore shells
The right switch is the light switch
The light switch is the right switch
Red Leather, yellow leather
Six thich thistle sticks
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers

[Utterance Voice Input Voice Search Mike droid ]

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