Turbo Bugs 2

Turbo Bugs 2
(4200 total ratings on Google Play)
Zariba / Adventure
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(4200 total ratings on Google Play)


Save a bug’s life with Turbo Bugs! Join the turbo race and prove that you are fast enough to smash the competition and survive in this cute, incredibly addictive bug running game, perfect for kids of all ages (and adults too).

Change the perspective to experience a day of a turbo bug’s life and try to survive in the race for as long as you possibly can! Face all threats and dangers a turbo racer bug has to deal with every single day! Your turbo run should keep you in the race as long as you don’t make a wrong move.
Sprint fast, jump, dash and roll to stay ahead of the mean kid’s deadly magnifying glass, while avoiding all obstacles that are trying to slow you down on your dash to safety.

Find your way through the forest’s narrow paths and tricky obstacles that you need to nimbly dodge if you want to stay fast and alive! Don’t let the kid with the magnifying glass get to you, as one touch of its ray could end your race and turn you into a toast.

Put your lightning reaction and reflexes to the test and run as long as you can to save the little bug’s life. Narrow bridges to cross, wide gaps to jump, tricky rocks to avoid - those are only a few of the obstacles that you need to watch out for while dashing through the course of this endless running game.

Keeping your turbo run on could be really exhausting, so collect all cherries and melons that get in your way! The fruit will help you upgrade your bug and set new records! Keep an eye for the various power-ups that could be found throughout the entire course and don’t miss a chance to grab one fast! They are there to keep you racing longer and make it easier to achieve all the crazy goals.

Choose your favourite turbo bug and get running!

- Multiple bug characters to choose from
- Diverse Power-Ups
- Crazy Goals
- Endless Runner
- Stunning 3D Graphics
- Play with your friends

Join our facebook community and vote for the next character that you want to play with!
Do you want to be racing with a supersonic cockroach or an ultra-Fast ant?
It’s up to you!

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Thank you!

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