Jungle Survival Hunt 3D

Jungle Survival Hunt 3D
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(2100 total ratings on Google Play)


Jungle Survival Hunt-3D
Survival games have always held a fascination for us, ever since we read Robinson Crusoe when we were little. The idea of being alone, living off the land and exploring, of what you might find out there, is the perfect idea for a game. If you''ve had your appetite for the wilderness whetted by, say Tomb Raider''s survival trappings, here is one of the best pure survival games out there.
In "Jungle survival hunt 3D" game developed by ZEKAB , you are alone on a large swathe of jungle land with hills and bushes around, bursting with dangerous wild animals, hell bent on attacking you, your property and your farm bred animals. it''s a survival game with multiple levels with more in the pipeline. It''s punishing. The jungle is lush, but the night is scary, coupled with the primal terror of the wild beasts like wild boars and big brown grizzly bears which is an essential component to authentic survival games. "Jungle Survival Hunt" is anchored by a third-person adventure that puts you in the shoes of a rowdy rancher who owns a piece of land in a vast wilderness of and must find a way to survive amid animal predators and hostile terrain. You’re pitched against bears and boars with your old trusty hunting rifle defending your house and your domestic animals. You aim and you shoot, optionally using a rifle mounted scope to make the task easier.

- Excellent real look 3D environment
- Vibrant, gorgeous, best-in-class 3D graphics
- Scope zoom in and Zoom out feature
- Efficient weapon with scope fitted
- Efficient weapon control
- Efficient navigation control to move left & Right
- Walking and moving around functionality
- The objective positioning Radar display on top
- Life and bullets are shown on display
- Challenging First-person shooter
- Top Addictive animal hunting game
- The original tight controls, several levels, fast & smooth
- Amazing Movie Quality sound effects and sound track
- Easy GUI and controls
- Beautiful Jungle with mountain and bushes around.

How to Play:
- Move left and right with navigation buttons given left
- Walk ahead and back with right side navigation button
- Zoom in the scope button when you want to shoot with accuracy
- Click the bullet button to fire
- Once you killed the animal, move around and walk towards next
- Kill all of them one by one within the time frame provided.
- Accuracy of navigation and fire will bring better result.

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