Know thyself psychology test

Know thyself psychology test
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(260 total ratings on Google Play)


“Know Thyself free” test is

- gaming interface of the test that never makes you bored!
- improved algorithm of determining psychological portrait
- 256 new psychological portraits in test results
- 4 new categories, describing each psychological portrait in test results
- useful pieces of advice from professional psychologist*

It''s a quick and accurate daily psychological subconscious test that will give you advice to guide you through the challenges of the day ahead. This test will help you take a look at yourself from the outside, evaluate your capabilities and subconscious potential and develop more effective behavioral and communication strategies.The test will help you to diminish depression and panic.

To achieve results you should pass this test every day, and keep in mind pieces of advice test gives. This simple pieces of advice will help you to diminish depression and panic if you would practice new way of thinking and acting according to advice.

Our unconscious actions often lead to undesirable outcomes where we wish we could turn back time and change our situation. If we were able to better understand our subconscious and the hidden reasons behind our attitudes towards others, we might find ourselves in these tough situations far less often. One way to learn about yourself is to take a battery of psychological tests with boring and ambiguous questions. But there’s another way that’s quicker, more accurate and more engaging – projective psychological subconscious testing.

“Know Thyself free” psychological subconscious test uses projective testing methodology developed by professional psychologists and proven to be effective by millions of internet users. “Know Thyself free” test is an easy way to evaluate your emotional state and find new, effective ways to cope with your everyday problems. This test will help you to diminish depression and panic. All you have to do is to download psychological test, choose the pictures that most appeal to you and let the mysteries of your subconscious be revealed to you!

*available in Pro version of test

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