Backgammon V

Backgammon V
(1300 total ratings on Google Play)
ZingMagic Limited / Board
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(1300 total ratings on Google Play)


★ Top Developer

ZingMagic''s critically acclaimed version of Backgammon enables you to play this most popular of board games to a high standard anytime, anywhere.

Typical reviews:
★★★★★ Really good game, and its free
★★★★ Strong CPU, challenging game
★★★★ Best Backgammon game Ive played

Backgammon is a simple race game. The object is to move the pieces around the board towards your inner table. Once all 15 of your pieces have arrived in the inner table, they can be removed from the board. The first player to remove all his pieces from the board is the winner. Although the play is highly skilful, the fact that the moves rely on the roll of the dice introduces an element of luck allowing even a novice to win the odd game against a world champion.

Backgammon has been played throughout the world for thousands of years. ZingMagic''s version of Backgammon enables you to play this most popular of board games to a high standard anytime, anywhere. With clean crisp graphics and a powerful game play engine ensuring your game is a competitive one regardless of ability, time will literally appear to fly by with ZingMagic''s incarnation of the classic game of Backgammon.

This game is free to download and contains adverts to generate revenue, much like commercial tv. It contains a single In App Purchase to remove the adverts.

Game features:
* Top free backgammon game
* Play against the computer or another human player on the same device.
* Multiple levels of computer play, ranging from beginner to expert.
* High quality artificial intelligence engine particularly at expert level.
* Understands all the official rules of Backgammon, particularly those concerned with bearing off.
* Optional play with doubling dice.
* Support for alternate boards and pieces.
* Full undo and redo of moves.
* Show last move.
* Hints.
* Score card.
* Backgammon is just one of our large collection of free best of breed classic board, card and puzzle games available for a wide range of platforms.

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