Chess V

Chess V
(3000 total ratings on Google Play)
ZingMagic Limited / Board
Downloads: 500k
(3000 total ratings on Google Play)


★ Top Developer

Regardless of your playing level, ZingMagic''s multi award winning Chess is a fun, stimulating and challenging game for beginners and champions alike. Features include: over 10 levels of play; stunning graphics with choice of boards and piece sets; hints and tips to improve your play.

★★★★★ I love it, very good and its free
★★★★★ Radha super
★★★★★ Really good game

Chess is a two player game with a colourful history which can be traced back to its Indian ancestor, Chaturanga. In 1291 the Archbishop of Canterbury in England threatened clergy who continued playing Chess with a diet of bread and water.
The game has flourished over the years and is now one of the most popular board games in the world, requiring thought, skill and strategy to become successful.

The object of Chess is to capture the opponent''s King. To capture the King you must place it in check. If the King cannot escape by itself, or with the help of its army, it is in checkmate and the King is captured.

This game is free to download and contains adverts to generate revenue, much like commercial tv. It contains a single In App Purchase to remove the adverts.

Game features:
* Top free Chess game available.
* Most downloaded free board game via Opera Store.
* Play against the computer or another human player on the same device.
* Over 10 levels of play to suit your mood.
* Award winning artificial intelligence engine which is particularly strong at expert levels.
* Understands all Chess rules such as en passant captures, castling, under promotion, draw by repetition, perpetual check and 50 move rule.
* Support for alternate boards and pieces, including super touch friendly boards.
* Full undo and redo of moves.
* Show last move.
* Show legal moves.
* Show threatened pieces.
* Hints.
* Chess is just one of our large collection of best of breed free classic board, card and puzzle games available for a wide range of platforms.

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