Baby Sleep Lullaby Music Box

Baby Sleep Lullaby Music Box
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Help your baby to fall asleep quickly. Your kids will never cry at night with beautiful sleep music. Soothing songs will relax you and your kids.

9 relaxing soothing lullabies for toddlers and adults :

- Music Box Lullaby
- Hushaby Lullaby
- Somewhere (Soothing song for kids)
- Sleep Soundly (Christmas music for toddlers)
- Good night, sleep well baby
- Stars at Christmas night
- Good night (Xmas song)
- Soon will come a dream

Features of Baby Sleep Music:

- sleep sounds for babies
- amazing music for kids sleeping
- white noise for baby sleep
- nature sounds for relaxing
- birds sounds for sleeping
- mother''s lullaby
- fairy tales stories audio books
- sounds of letters for kids
- sounds of the ABC, alphabet
- piano sounds for children
- sounds of the rain, ocean, water
- baby music box
- best pillow for fast sleeping
- music for newborn and infants
- bedtime music
- relaxing sounds for toddlers
- bedtime sounds
- sounds of the game
- sounds of the season
- sounds of the city
- baby songs
-baby sounds
- baby music
- lullabies for babies and nursery rhymes
- nature sounds to sleep
- sounds of sunday
- ambient sounds

With baby sounds you will:

★ sleep like child (soothing music)
★ go to bed happy (white nois)
★ rest all day (lullaby)
★ slumber quickly (bedtime songs for kids)
★ be asleep soundly (relax melody)
★ kip all night (sounds of nature)
★ doss (meditation sounds)
★ roger (sleep songs)

A lullaby is a soothing song, usually sung to young children before they go to sleep, with the intention of speeding that process. As a result they are often simple and repetitive. Lullabies can be found in every culture and since the ancient period.

Typically a lullaby is in triple metre, or in a compound metre like 6/8. Tonally, most lullabies are simple, often merely alternating tonic and dominant harmonies: Because the intended effect is to put someone to sleep, wild chromaticism would be somewhat out of character.

Many Christmas carols are designed as lullabies for the infant Jesus, the most famous of them being "Silent Night".

A baby is a very young human who is usually born after coming out of a woman. A child is a month old, a baby until he or she is about three years old, and a preschooler between 3 years old and school.

An infant is a human child at the youngest stage of life. Some people say that infancy is until someone can walk, while some say infancy is the time before the age of one. An infant less than 1 month old is a newborn. Newborns can be premature infants, post-mature infants and full term newborns. The word infant comes from Latin, meaning "unable to speak".

After learning to walk, infants are called toddlers, usually when they are 1-3 years old. Sometimes, a women may miscarry a baby and the baby (no matter what gender) is given the name stillborn or is called a miscarried child.

A toddler is a child between the ages of one to three years old. During this time, the child learns how to use their hands, stand and walk, and also how to communicate with others.

Most children are toilet trained while they are toddlers. Even when toddlers can walk, they are often transported in a stroller, buggy, or pushchair when the walk is a long distance or when they''re tired.

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