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Knitting Patterns Database
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KPD is a free unique and comprehensive suite of tools that has the functionality of over 20 knitting apps all in one place.

Designed for knitters & crocheters KPD catalogues PDF patterns enabling you to find patterns that match your knitting requirements and more.

One of the main unique functions is the ability to add patterns to a database to which KPD automatically pre-fills fields such as: Gender, Garment Type, Yarn Type, Yarn Weight/Length, Needles, Gauge, Rating, Notes etc. which you can edit if required.

Once you have updated a few patterns you will be able to use the Filter option to list patterns for those matching fields.

For example, if you want to knit a JUMPER for a BABY and you only have 150 grams of 4ply YARN and size 11 NEEDLES then filter to only show the patterns that match these requirements.

Database pattern records can be viewed by text or in a gallery style. Selecting a pattern opens a dialog where you can perform actions like View, Match, Edit pattern etc.

Pattern text can be viewed alongside multiple row counters and markers to highlight your progress. Pattern text can also be edited to suit your needs.

"My Yarns" enables you to catalogue your own wool stash and optionally will list yarns that are suitable for a chosen pattern or list patterns that can be completed using a particular yarn.

KPD comes with a built in bespoke web browser that enables you to download patterns directly into the app. For patterns not in PDF format you can use the built in page2pdf function to convert any web page into a PDF pattern.

Also comes with many handy knitting calculators and much more:

• ounces to grams
• needles to wool size
• sleeve reduction
• row increase/decrease calculator
• 2 sock pattern generators
• yarn substitutions, including feet, yards, meters, ounces and grams
• abbreviations reference
• multiple row / repeat counters with or without pattern text display
• button spacing calculator
• needle sizes reference
• pattern gallery view
• star ratings
• gauge/tension
• built in pattern browser for easier downloading of patterns
• built in web page to PDF conversion for patterns not available as a PDF download
• add pattern images from pattern, camera or file
• add and edit all categories, i.e. add a new garment type "hats"
• my needles, catalogue your own needles
• my yarns , catalogue your yarn stash
• PDF pattern image & text extraction
• size guides - tops, hats, socks, gloves etc
• backup & restore functions to move data between devices

KPD has lots of in app and on-line help:
and a dedicated on-line user forum:

Plus unrivalled app support (see our reviews), all emails answered within 24 hours!

NOTE: This is an Ad Supported version. If you don''t like adverts for a small price you can download the ad free version with no Ads & more features!

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