Music Ride 2

Music Ride 2
(4900 total ratings on Google Play)
Zbigniew Ross / Racing
Downloads: 50.0k
(4900 total ratings on Google Play)


Newer, improved, free, rhythmic-racing game Music Ride 2. If you like racing games, and you like to listen the music then this game is for you. Music Ride 2 is the second version of the racing-rhytmic game similar to Audiosurf or Rhythm Racer (but in opposition to Rhythm Racer you can use any song you want). This game works as fallows: you choose one of yours favorite songs ( mp3 or ogg ) and the game starts to analyze the sound and based on rhythm and mood the game create racing track, on which you can drive one of five available vehicles.
Race speed is changed with the mood of the music - if music is louder and livelier vehicles speed is faster, if the music is calmer the speed is slower. You can drive the vehicle by tilting the phone, but if you do not like this way of controlling the vehicle then in the options you can change the control method to touch screen – in that case you drive by sliding your finger across the screen. Driving through the various zones your task is to collect the rhythm gems. Try to collect jewels of the same color in one line to get an extra bonus, avoid gray jewels. In the game there are 3 different game modes: ''mono'', ''color'', ''color and gray''. If you need more - no problem - each vehicle is equipped with a laser, there are two kinds of lasers: purple destroy the gems of all colors , green - it destroys only gray jewels, try to test different ship types to see which type of laser will fit to a type of gameplay. Additionaly there are bonus weapons (you can collect them during gameplay):
sonic wave – destroys all gems on your way,
sonic field – collects all gems for short time.
Use your sonic weapons wisely. Watch out power level, use lasers with care, if you run out of energy - you won''t be able to shoot (vehicles with a green laser have less energy than a purple).
If you like to listen to music from your phone or tablet and a the same time you like to play games (especially racing games ) then you have to try Music Ride 2.
This game uses a web ranking system – internet leaderboard (using Scoreloop service), so your score may be seen by other players. Also you can se the last song name played by other players.
Along with the game there are supplied 4 songs : 2 great songs in the style of trance by Sean Delloy ( "Illusion" and "Space odyssey" ) , and two songs in a different style , containing brilliant connection of "chip tune", dubstep and rock by LukHash.

If you like the Music Ride 1 then the Music Ride 2 is "a must have" position. Compared to the first version this second version has: added turns (you don''t have to ride all the time in a straight line) , changed method of genera
tion of hills and downhills - the shape of the track is more affected by the mood of music, variable speed - speed drive also changes with the change of music, added lasers, added 3 modes of play, more graphic effects , etc.

Music Ride 2 is:

fast 3D graphics
3 modes of racing
every time you start game the track is different (track is generated based on the beat of the music with added element of randomness that''s why every time the track is bit different)
two themes of the track
5 types of vehicles
2 Weapons
Internet Scoreboard

and it''s all for free!

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