Package Tracking 2.0

Package Tracking 2.0
(590 total ratings on Google Play)
Zachary Cava / Productivity
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(590 total ratings on Google Play)


Note: You are not required to use sync at all, it is an opt-in feature for those that find it useful. You can use the program without that.

The original Package Tracking program returns to the market with its aptly named predecessor completely redesigned for your benefit.

The idea has remained the same, all information no fluff, and the user interface has been streamlined to allow for faster tracking of multiple packages. Simply select your previous packages right from the home screen or tap the plus button to add a new one. When you track a number your shipment information is displayed in an easy to read, unified format.

The smart update service has returned, running only at the intervals selected and shutting down after checks have been completed. No need to uselessly waste batter, your phone is an important device in your life.

It is not always easy to enter numbers on your phone, even in a streamlined interface like this and that is why I have built http://www.package-tracking.info. This web-extension of Package Tracking will allow you to manage the numbers on your Android powered devices from your computer, adding, editing, and deleting numbers as well. No need to make a QR code that you then scan on your phone, simply add the numbers from your desktop and leave your phone in your pocket. The only restriction of this feature is that it requires Android 2.2 or higher to be running on your device, but I am working on bringing it to 2.1 and lower sometime in the future.

The current supported carriers are:
-SpeeDee Delivery
-US Postal Service
-YRC Regional
For each carrier supported, each and every type of shipment sent by that carrier is supported.

This is a pet project of mine that I use to apply new programming concepts I have learned, I am thrilled if you love it, but if you have any problems I would love to fix them because it benefits my learning experience. I cannot reply to market comments so if you have any problems or wish to request a carrier be added contact me at packagetrackingapp@gmail.com

Some replies I believe are needed:
-Sure there is only 11 carriers, but even when I had 19 only 8 of them were used enough to warrant having them. I will happily more if you can supply shipment numbers to build scripts with.
-Notifications are only as fast as the carriers, what you see is exactly what you will see on the carriers website. I am working on a prediction algorithm but it will take some time.

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