(13.338k total ratings on Google Play)
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(13.338k total ratings on Google Play)


Popfishing is really an essential game for Android phones, which swept all over the world, loved by more than 100 million players! Popfishing has occupied No.1 of game free ranking in 34 countries.
The most fun fishing game in E-Game Centers finally launched in Android platform! Are you still anxiously waiting in line for playing fishing game in E-Game Centers? Now, you can enjoy the fun of fishing anywhere, anytime with your phones.

PopFishing is a very interesting deep-sea fishing game. Players in the game can use nets to capture as many as 15 kinds of beautiful fish, from the ornamental fish to large fish, even sharks! When you successfully captured fish, the beautiful fish turns into countless coins filling in your cabin. This will be a fantastic and interesting treasure hunt under the sea!

*Easy play and enjoy earning countless coins in the game. And different kind of fish you captured, you can earn different amount of coins. Click the fish in the game while fishing net will come out to capturing fish for you. Clicking fish faster, more fish and more coins you will get. This is definitely a fast and Furious game!
*I promise you never seen the creative attack, and the upgrade fishing nets, super ray gun, lighting gun will redouble capturing fish and earnig coins.
*Traveling four seas in the world and enjoy the colorful fish under the sea with 3D pictures. It’s similar like you swim in the ocean and capture whatever fish you like and earn a lot of coins.

Specials in the game:
-Furious capturing fish!
-Super weapons!
-Free choosing different level of fishing nets according to your decision!
-Basking in earning countless coins!
-Capturing all kinds of fish in the four seas all over the world!
-Enjoying swimming in the realistic sea world!

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