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Control Your Calls
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(2900 total ratings on Google Play)


If you have a flat rate of calls, Control Your Calls is your application. It will be your best friend to save on mobile fee. It will help you not to exceed the limits of your rate, avoiding shocks when you receive the invoice.

We continue improving the application to fit all type of flat rate of calls.

» Added month call list.
» Added italian translation.
» Added option to configure if available time message is shown in a new call.
» Added option to configure if time expressions are shown in hours, or in minutes.
» Added SMS vip numbers.
» Added the option of rounding call duration to minutes (useful for mexican users).
» Added graph of the sent sms by month.

Control Your Calls has three mechanisms to help you control your flat rate of calls:

- Every time you make a new call it will show you the available time you have.

- During a call, you will be informed by vibration warnings when you''ve spent 25, 50, 75, 98 and 100% of the time. This way, even if you''re talking, you can control how much available time you have. (Note: In Android we can''t control when the call you are doing has been pick up, only when you dialed. For this reason the warnings are approximate, and will have a gap of several seconds compared to real consumption. This gives you a small reaction time if you reach the limit.)

- If you have exceeded the limit of the flat rate, and try to make a new call, the application will ask you if you''re sure to continue.

Lauching the application you have the current state of consumption, and some day and month graphics with the spent time.

"Fantastic phone manager app helps users save phone charges easily" - AppEggs.com

The permissions required are:

- Access to read contact details (for the call history).

- Intercept outgoing calls (warnings).

- Make phone calls (continue a call after the warning of limit reached).

- Read sms for having statistics of the sent sms.

The application doesn''t have advertising, and no Internet connection is required. You can rest assured that no data will leave your phone.

Control Your Calls will remain free until it leaves the beta phase (testing).

Please write to android@creativemad.com for any suggestion or error that you want to comment us, included translation issues.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any problems caused by improper operation of the application.

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