GOWidget Theme Holo Blue Free

GOWidget Theme Holo Blue Free
(370 total ratings on Google Play)
dcomobile / Personalization
Downloads: 50.0k
(370 total ratings on Google Play)


A Stunning and unique brand new experience for your outdated, under dressed Go widget!

Are you still using the ICS Gowidget skins we released last September? Or just using some knock-off generic brand imitation from the "other guys" that couldn''t make their own unique look themselves? Because there is very little option out there for gowidget skins, and unless you got them from DCOMBL, they most likely look terrible.

So with popular demand, we''re back! This month we''ll be releasing a handful of brand new, never before seen, unique style of Go Widget skins! Follow us on Twitter or friend us on Facebook and you will have an exclusive chance to not only see what we have coming out next, but also have a chance to win free stuff, and also give your opinion on new themes before we release them to the public! We love giving away free stuff and we love user input when it comes to designing new stuff!

With that all said, Here are the details..

The following is included for your Golauncher Gowidgets :

[+] Calender Widget Theme
[+] Bookmark Widget Theme
[+] Store Widget Theme
[+] Email Widget Theme
[+] Contacts Theme

[+] The rest are in the paid version!
[ ] Facebook Widget Theme
[ ] Twitter Widget Theme
[ ] SMS / MMS / Message Widget Theme
[ ] Switch / Power widget Theme
[ ] Task Manager Theme
[ ] Tasks / Notes / Todo Widget Theme

These widgets were designed to match the theme, style and look to the newest version of Google''s amazing Android 4.1 Jellybean / 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

In a few situations while using this widget theme, you might find a graphic that isn''t changed after applying the theme - that is because we cant modify some parts of the GO! Widgets, and in the future when the art / graphic is able to be changed, we will for sure change it up! To match the rest of the style in our theme. Check our other themes, check our comments by our users, We constantly improve, make updates, and stay with the current times to guarantee that your theme wont go out of style!

Please feel free to contact me, email, visit us on twitter or facebook for our super responsive support and friendly customer service and tech support.

We''re the best, and we can say that because we KNOW it.

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