WiFi Password Reader

WiFi Password Reader
(960 total ratings on Google Play)
David Schulte / Communication
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(960 total ratings on Google Play)


Please note: This app requires root privileges!
If you do not know what root and superuser are, do not load this app!

Who needs to get his wifi network key fast, have to dig through a mountain of old records of his internet service provider. If you are lucky it is still under the router itself, but unless if you have already changed it. But what should you do if no documents exist? Then one may change his password and reconfigure all devices. That dosen''t sound like fun.
But your smartphone knows your password, why do not reads it out? With this app it is possible, regardless of the encryption your network.

In addition, the program can be protected by a four-digit PIN. This must be entered before any network key can be displayed. The PIN is saved with root privileges and is also survived the ''clear app data'' option of Android. This protection is only to prevent unintentional show of the network keys and worked only with this app! Who has forgotten his PIN must delete a specific file from /data with a root explorer. Every stranger who is smart enough to bypass this barrier will be also able to read out the WiFi config file directly, so this protection is sufficient.

Android stores the network key in a simple text file that can be read, but only with root privileges.
All other apps in the store either cost money , spy your phone with unnecessary privileges or spam your notification bar full with ads. This app dosen''t show advertisements, hasn''t internet permission, so it can''t spy and it is free for you.

Important information for Samsung users: Some devices (mostly from Samsung) save the network key no longer as clear text, but as a hash. This value can not be converted back to plain text form! At the moment I can not detect such devices automatically and the app shows only the hash as key. Known devices with this problem are: Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2/Note 3

If the WiFi configuration could not be found, please let me get a message with the device name, model and if any is installed the custom ROM version.

Please write comments and feedback in English or German, other languages ​​unfortunately get no support.

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