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With the tool you can identify very easy and very exact the value of the pitch from a rc-heli in the following three different ways:
1. By using a yardstick.
2. By using the mobile camera.
3. By using the mobile sensors.
Process for 1. and 2.: You have to scale and type the rotor blade length (hole to end). Both blades has to show in the same direction. If you have 0 degrees pitch the blades have to be exact parallel. If you change pitch, the blades are moving apart. By using the gap between the blades you have the pitch value.
Process for 2.: By using the mobile camera it is enough to type a nearby blade length in the programpart ''calculate pitch''. After selecting the camera icon, you have to make a photo from your blades of the helicopter (like the title picture). Then you have to move the lines upon the blades. The ends of the blades are less important. Important is, that the lines are upon the blades (parallel).
Process for 3.: You can fix you mobile at a blade by using an elastic strap and read the pitch from the display.
V 2.6.14
-Bugfix: pitch with sensor (for some devices)
V 2.6.12
- Bugfix: If no camera app is available.
V 2.6.10 / 2.6.11
+ Pitch with Sensor: Movement now a bit smoother. I have changed the method of painting the view. Maybe it has fixed the Samsung Galaxy 2 bug. If the problem is still existing, please send me an email to thorsten.wruck@gmail.com with a short description. Then i can give you test versions.
+ Look is now android version independent.
V 2.6.9
+ Pitch with Sensor: now you can change the sensor orientation by using the menu. It is useful for some mobiles, because of different orientations. (Thanks to Volker)
V 2.6.7 / 2.6.8
+ Graphic improvements (Pitch with sensors / number wheel)
- Bugfix: OutOfMemory in Pitch with sensor
V 2.6.6
- Bugfix: crash program, if an old value has not a valid value. (Thanks for report.)
V 2.6.5
+ Graphic improvements (Pitch with sensos)
+ Input of numbers now with number wheel.
+ move to SD card (with Android 2.2)
V 2.6.3
+ Now with min and max in ''Pitch with sensor''. Min and Max are applied, if the pitch value is 2sec fix and greater then +/- 2°.
+ Pitch is not bouncing this hard any more .

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