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Simple speedometer app and widget with speed camera warning and offline maps from OpenStreetMap for Android 2.2+ (and some 2.1 with different problems - use at your on risk ;-))
(screenshots in German but app in English)

For problems with offline maps I have to contact the MapsForge team for help. I only use there framework. Therefor I could not help directly.

Tip: on small screens hide timer or compass in settings
FAQ''s: http://www.x-droid.de

Android-Speedometer is certified as a safe app by http://www.appoozle.com

numeric values for:
- speed (km/h, mph or kn)
- altitude (from GPS or webservice)
- odometer (km, mi, nm)
- timer
- digital clock
- compass
- max. speed
- average speed
- daily odometer

- route recording and speed trend diagram
- accelerometer with variable start and stop speed
- time to distance (eg quarter mile)
- stopwatch
- location (link to map available)
- available satellites and accuracy
- anchor alarm (leaving radius alarm)
- Headup-Display (HUD = MIRRORED view)
- automatic night mode
- custom font colors for day and night mode
- landscape view
- free floating transparent speedometer display
- widget for homescreens (Widgets do not work properly if app is installed on SD card. If you want to use the widget you must install the app in the internal memory of your device, if not App2SD is full supported.)
- save location and start pedestrian navigation to it (find your car)
- gpx, kml and csv file export and send for data exchange (e.g. with google earth)
- gpx file (re)import
- spoken speed warnings (any number of adjustable speeds) or spoken speed (NEEDS to install Text-to-Speech!!!)
- speed camera warning (radar) for many countries with metric units (no US or UK)
- map view with online maps from Google Maps or offline maps from OpenStreetMap (MapsForge)

Developer tested on
Android 4.2: Google NEXUS 7
Android 4.1.1: ASUS Transformer Infinity
Android 4.0.4: Samsung Galaxy Tab (with Cyanogen 9.2)
Android 4.0.3: HTC Sensation (with Revolution HD 6.8.2)
Android 3.2: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, HTC Flyer
Android 3.1: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Android 2.3: HTC Sensation, HTC Incredible S, HTC Flyer, Motorola Defy (with Cyanogen 7.2), Samsung Galaxy Ace
Android 2.2: HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Defy
Android 2.1: Motorola Defy (sound crash on anchor alarm, map crash and temporarily problems with speed update)

This app contains advertising to finance the program development and operation of the necessary server. Some providers collect anonymous data to personalize the advertising. You can disable the data collection (free of charge) or completely remove the advertising (charge) in app settings.

If anyone wants help translating the app to other languages - please send me a mail. It''s very easy!
Please mail problems and suggestions! I will try to help in every case.

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