Sticky Note Cork&Orc

Sticky Note Cork&Orc
(380 total ratings on Google Play)
Jerrysource / Productivity
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(380 total ratings on Google Play)


Efficient and easy to use sticky note app/ note manager for your smartphone. Perfect for making ToDo notes or visualizing ideas and brainstorming.

- extensive user guide is available at Jerrysource.com -

+ visual note taking
+ 8 note colors and 3 note sizes
+ 2D-scrollable note environment
+ create note: cork tap
+ copy/ move note: long press
+ notes get saved automatically
+ note backup to SD card
+ improved note pad
+ note: SD card should always be kept active for better note safety.

A.) General Information

Sticky Note Cork&Orc is an application for creating visual notes on a cork board environment. 8 colors and 3 different note sizes are supported. The cork area is scrollable 2D, both horizontally and vertically; the environment is larger than the screen. Within the app, you may create several cork boards and swap between them as desired.

B.) Supported Screens

Sticky Note Cork&Orc is dedicated to 240x320, 320x480, 480x800 and 480x854 screens. Generally it should also work on other devices, but there is no promise for a good user experience as it is not tested or fully adapted for other resolutions than mentioned.

C.) Data Storage Information

Sticky Note Cork&Orc uses an automatical double saving technique. Notes and cork boards get saved automatically, if you leave the application/ enter the settings window and after several other occasions. The saving location is both the internal storage of the application and the SD card (/sdcard/corcandorc/corkandorc.sav), if the SD card is active. If the SD card is not readable/writable, data will only be stored within the internal storage. The advantage of storing data to the SD card is, that those files won''t be affected if the application gets updated. As the data within the internal storage get unevitably lost during the uninstallation process, the second saving layer on the SD card is necessary to restore the old notes after the update. Sticky Note Cork&Orc manages this automatically. However, in order to get maximum data safety, it is best to make an additional custom backup with the ''Backup Manager''.

D.) Usage Ideas

+ ToDo Note
+ Shopping Notes
+ Mind Mapping
+ Brainstorming Note
+ Idea Visualization Note
+ Schedule Notes
+ Information Tracking Note
+ School ToDo Notes
+ Color Overview Notes
+ School Task Manager
+ Managed Note
+ Reminder Note
+ School Process Manager
+ Note Table
+ School Schedule
+ Overview Note

Note: Sticky Note Cork&Orc is designed to intruduce a custom approach of taking and managing notes. Its intention is not to copy other note apps or deliver the same functionality, but to provide original features that distinguishes it from other apps.
If Sticky Note Cork&Orc is not what you''re looking for, I am sorry and I invite you to try another note application before giving arbitrary 1 star rating. There are 100s of note apps including the right choice for everyone. I don''t say that Sticky Note Cork&Orc matches universal demand. Yet it is close to impossible for one person to cover all device''s requirements.
Keep in mind how much work it takes to make an app like this. I spent more than 350 hours for a free app, so 1 star is certainly not fair, even if it doesn''t work on your specific phone or if some native error occur that I cannot prevent.

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