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Funny Text Creator
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(3500 total ratings on Google Play)


Funny Text Creator transforms normal Text into єχтяασя∂ιηαяу text - very easily!

Every common text can be decorated with funny and quirky effects.
Afterwards you can send those funny messages to your friends by SMS, eMail, WhatsApp, Twitter or whatever ...

Your friends will wonder how you made those stunning messages - I promise!

In this free version, all of the functions are available and working! If you like my app, support me and buy the full version :)


input: This text was written with Funny Text Creator

Word Jumbling:
Tihs txet was wirtetn wtih Fnuny Txet Creaotr

Fancy Text:
†hï§ †êx† wå§ wrêñ wï†h £µññ¥ †êx† Çrêå†ðr

Morse Code:
- .... .. ... - . -..- - .-- .- ...

Computer Binary:
01000010 01100101 00100000...


- Fancy Text
- Fancy Text 2
- Fancy Text 3
- Reverse Order
- Speaking Animals
- Word Jumbling
- N-Times Replication
- ZigZag
- Hacker-Style
- Snake-Style
- No Vowels
- No Spaces
- Caesar Cipher
- New Line After Characters
- Every Word in New Line
- Hearts
- Rotate Upper- Lowercase
- Hexadecimal
- Computer Binary
- Morse Code
- Programming Languages (C, C++, PHP, Java)
- Paragraphs
- Roman Numerals
- Greek
- Encircled
- Symbols ♪♫♠√∫
- Japanese
- Swirly
- Bubble
- Flip Text

Translations: English & German

It is up to you, how and to whom you send the created text messages. It is not limited
to eMail, you can use any other application like SMS, Twitter or WhatsApp as well!

You can combine all the effects with each other to create even more funny messages :)

Before you give me a bad rating, please contact me. I am very responsive and will fix the problem very quickly!

*** version 1.9 fun ***
- Added button to disable "Text created with ..."

*** version 1.8 fun ***
- Bugfixes
- Improvements

*** version 1.7 fun ***
- copy to clipboard
- Japanese effect
- Bubble effect (ICS only)
- Swirly effect (ICS only)
- Flip Text (ICS only)

*** version 1.6 fun ***
- added preferences
- improvements

*** version 1.5 fun ***
- new text effect: encircled
- new text effect: fancy text 2
- new text effect: fancy text 3
- new text effect: symbols ♪♫♠√∫
- new text effect: greek
- Added Ads, BUT I removed waiting time and gave you more text effects!

*** version 1.4 fun ***
- Bug fix, app doesn''t crash anymore
- new permission VIBRATE

*** version 1.3 fun ***
- Roman Numerals (Example: I was born in 1986 → I was born in MCMLXXXVI)

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