iDaft Jamming - Daft Punk

iDaft Jamming - Daft Punk
(3800 total ratings on Google Play)
Anders Christian Svendsen / Arcade
Downloads: 100k
(3800 total ratings on Google Play)


iDaft Jamming is a tribute to Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger”, "Technologic" and "Robot Rock"

This app features 3 modes:
* Jamming with soundboards
* "Guitar Hero"-styled games
* Rhythm based jumper : "Geometry Dash"/"The Impossible Game"-gameplay

If you like games like "Geometry Dash" and "The Impossible Game" you should try the new game mode "Beat Box" with Robot Rock music. Avoid the obstacles by tapping and jumping to the beat of Robot Rock.

You can of course still enjoy the the good old jam mode and make your own jam session on the soundboards!

Scoreloop Leaderboard for GH mode!
Compete against the rest of the world for the title of the best iDaft Jammer out there!!!...

Join the Facebook page "iDaft Jamming" and share your experiences!

Have fun!

We are in no way associated with Daft Punk or represent them. The Daft Punk name is for identification only.

Previous updates:

#update 2.7.0:
* NEW GAME: "Beat box"
* Complete the game by tapping along to the beat of the music
* New design in Technologic jam mode
* Buttons in games are running with greater speed.
* Improvements

#update 2.6.0:
* NEW DESIGN (more to come)
* New design in Technologic jam mode
* Buttons in games are running with greater speed.
* Improvements

#update 2.5.5:
* Fix for layout issue on some tablets.
* Fix for potential crash bug when reloading app from the background while music was paused.

#update 2.5.2
* Fixed black screen issue!
* Better support for older OS

Previous new features implemented:
* For game modes, sample offsets can be set by pressing the settings (cog-wheel) button.

#update 2.4.0
Robot Rock is now included in the jam mode section! Have fun!

#update 2.3.2
Fixed a crash bug while using the back button.

#update 2.3.1
* Move to USB storage / SD card feature added
* Fixed crash bug upon Cancel pressed

#update 2.3.0
By popular demand, added option to remove ads.
This option is found under (more) from the main screen.

Also removed location permissions.

#update 2.2.2
New design to HBFS Jam Mode.
New App Icon
Bug fixes
Added more games button

#update 2.0.6
More devices should hopefully be supported now.

#update 2.0.5
Permissions which are not important have been removed...

#update 2.0.4
Further performance improvements and some minor bug fixes.

#update 2.0.3
Fixed the small offset on the Technologic game.

#update 2.0.2
Minor fix. But still with much better performance compared to version 2.0

#update 2.0.1
Now (way) better performance on some devices!

#update 2.0
Totally rewritten to feature the game as also seen on iPhone.

#update 1.2.0
Added full "Technologic" sound board including background beat.

#update 1.1.7
Hopefully fixed the "sample-playing-twice" bug.

#update 1.1.5
Bug fixes related to the "Beat" button (the app crashed on some devices when the Beat button was pressed). Please let me know if you are still having this bug (and the device you have it on)!

#update 1.1.4
More performance fixes
Improved first batch of samples

#update 1.1.3
Performance fixes

#update 1.1.2
Stopped the beat (if on) when leaving application

#update 1.1.1
Added the next pitch, so you can choose optionally which you want to hear.
Added the complete background beat which can be turned on and off.
Removed the "Intermezzo"-button.

Please let me know if you have any kind of performance issues on your device. Just remember to state which kind of device you have :)

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