Vedic Marriage Match

Vedic Marriage Match
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(240 total ratings on Google Play)


50000 - 100000 downloads in less than 11 months. Thanks for the support.
(Available in 5 languages(English,Tamil,Kannada,Telugu) - only in Pro Version)** Hindi - Yet to come !!!)

In this version of Vedic Marriage Match, where 3 specific porutham''s results & Final Compatibility Score ''Out of 10'' is not provided.
Get your compatibility score ''Out of 10'' Poruthams & to explore other features of the app, Upgrade to Pro through In-App purchase.

Note the below points on high importance, before using the app:

1. The compatibility score ''out of 10'' & final match result is very significant to make a judgement about the couple-compatibility.
Note that, your Compatibility score may be 7 out of 10, & still the final match result may end up to be "Doesn''t match".

2. Select the boy/girl''s Zodiac/Rasi & Star/Nakshatra NAMES whichever is familiar to you by long pressing on the main screen.

If the selected Zodiac NAMES is based on other systems, the Final Match result will be incorrect.
To know your precise Zodiac sign NAME as per Vedic System, download our Rasi&Nakshtra app from the below link.

Jathaka porutham (Horoscope match) is designed as an application called ''Vedic Marriage Match'' that would prove useful to anybody who wants to choose the right life partner & would involve an astrological process to match the horoscopes of the prospective bride & groom. Usually, this is performed by an astrologer who analyzes the 2 horoscopes (kundali matching). The main objective being, is to ensure a harmonious, balanced & a healthy married life with long & prosperous marital relationship.

There are 10 types of match ways(porutham) which are considered as part of Vedic Marriage Match. Rasi & Nakshtras plays the role in deciding whether the 10 ways match. Our age old astrologers invented the concept of ’10 Porutham’ to help find the best match between a boy & a girl who intend to marry. The marriage is considered only when there is match.

The 10 match/porutham being:
Dhina, Gana, Mahendra, Sthree Dheerkam, Yoni, Rasi, Rasi athipathi, Vasiya, Rajju & Vethai porutham.

There are three types of results for each porutham:
Uthamam – Matches, Mathimam – Average, Athamam - Doesn''t Match.

From the 10 Porutham listed above,

It can be concluded that the 2 horoscopes match even when only Nakshatra Porutham, Raasi Porutham, Gana Porutham, Yoni Porutham & Rajju Porutham match and not all of the 10 Poruthams should necessarily match. Rajju Porutham signifies Mangalya bakyam of the female. When this does not match, marriage is not recommended & this match is considered as the most important of all.

This kind of marriage matching process is best suitable for arranged marriages & not really recommended for those who are already in a love affair or a relationship. As we know that the ‘Mana Porutham’(Emotional Bondage) is the crux of a happy married life!

P.S: The result of any of the Poruthams would either be ‘Match’, ‘Average Match’ or ‘Doesn’t Match’. As far as this app is concerned, for a better user friendliness & clarity, the result of a particular Porutham would either be ‘Match’ or ‘Doesn’t Match’. The result ‘Average Match’ is considered for the final result (after considering all the 10 Poruthams).

Thanks for the support in language translation:
Mrs.V.Vedhavathi (Pandit) - Telugu.
Mr.V.Sundarraman - Kannada.
Mr.K.Topaz - Tamil.



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