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Epic Strategy Games
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(1800 total ratings on Google Play)


Go back to the medieval times when epic wars and powerful empires exist and build your own kingdom by developing strategies.

Eximious epic strategy games are available in this app. You view the list of the games with their reviews and videos but you cannot play them directly on this list. If you have internet connection, with ''install'' you will be directed to the android market.

Our aim is to offer you an alternative way to access and install the choicest epic strategy games. Our editors are followers of the new released and latest epic strategy and tower defense games in the android market. The list is updated by being included the new games. There are free, paid, and star categories making the access easier and faster.

Epic strategy games are different from other strategy and war games because these games have medieval time settings. In them, your aim is to build your empire, civilization, conquer other medieval kingdoms. It includes defence as well.


- Daily update
- A private collection of the choicest games
- Free and paid categories enabling you to access free epic strategy games
- Games videos
- A complete list of the Epic Strategy games
- Star category including the eximious games chosen by the editor
- Most popular and new released Epic Strategy games
- Screenshots of the games on an introductory basis

What''s new?

- Game reviews are added so you can gain insight into the games.
- You can write your comments about the app and games in speech bubbles.
- Game trailers and walkthroughs are added to indicate how to play.


- All kinds of Epic Strategy games in one app
- Ease of access to the latest and most popular Epic Strategy games of android market
- Friendly user interface design
- Similar games recommended
- File size under 1 megabyte
- Fast installing
- Compatible with nearly all android versions of phones and tablets

About the games on our list:
Please note that these features are not for the each game on our list but for some of them.

- Various kind of weapons and constructions for defence and conquer
- Knights, axemen, archers, catapults, swordsmen to attack your enemy
- Medieval Age settings
- Some kinds of tower defense games, RPG and MMO games and turn based strategy games.
- Epic battles with strong kingdoms
- Building ancient cities.
- Some kind of strategy and tower defence games including online multiplayer settings
- RPG and MMO games with legendary warrior avatars

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