Dragon Pet

Dragon Pet
(48.807k total ratings on Google Play)
A&A Games / Simulation
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(48.807k total ratings on Google Play)


On the snowy peaks of an ancient, magic mountain, you have found a magic dragon egg. All you have to do is to keep it at proper temperature, an it might hatch into a magic baby pet with whom you can spend wonderful adventures by playing, training him and taking care of your pet. Raise a Dragon and become creator of your own saga. Care for him, and he will become your best, magic friend, or simply ignore him, and he will eventually run away, get sick or even die.

Like a modern 3d tamagotchi, his life will go on even after you close game and an icon will notify you anytime your dragons need your help. Hatch your first egg to receive cute baby dragon. Create your own story and become best Dragon Pet Trainer in dragons world. Visit shops in dragons city and build his virtual dragons world. Hear yelp of your foes.

Have you ever wondered how to train a Dragon in real life? Now you have this chance!
Now with world leaderboards. You can challenge your friends online to pick best dragons trainer.

★ first tamagotchi pet game in 3d
★ fight with other dragons at Arena and become greatest gladiator
★ build and explore this new dragons world
★ observe as those cute creatures lives, walks and fly
★ dragons grows and changes with time (from egg to baby, teen and adult)
★ use Dragon Coins to decorate this dragons world
★ feed him, care, pet and clean him as he would be real, live animal
★ visit shops in dragons city
★ earn dragon coins in mini games
★ raise power of your best tamagotchi pet
★ play simple and extended mini games with upgrades and special skills
★ rescue dragons world and fight with angry moles in Moles Hunt mini game
★ fight with jelly bean blobs in Dragon Defender and Dragon Hunter mini game
★ catch candy, fruits and vegetables in Food Fall mini game
★ flappy dragon mini game with online leaderboard
★ online features
★ world online rankings. Become best dragons pet trainer
★ Save & Load your pets at many devices

★ receive first dragon egg then keep proper temperature (18 – 26°C) to hatch egg and get dragon baby
★ care for baby dragon basic needs (just like good old tamagotchi style games) and it will turn with time into older stadiums of dragon
★ play challenging mini games to earn coins and buy decorations, skills, upgrades
★ care for your virtual dragon and earn pet points to increase dragon trainer level
★ higher dragon trainer levels unlocks skin potions with many different skin colours

For any problems or questions with Dragon Pet game, find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aagames

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