Jewels? Fruits!

Jewels? Fruits!
(390 total ratings on Google Play)
Blind Logic / Casual
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(390 total ratings on Google Play)


Jewels? Fruits! - Match the fruits!
Last time you saved the fruits in Fruits&Fun, but this time they went on holidays!
This game is made for fans of color-matching games: In "Jewels? Fruits!" cute fruits are waiting for you to play with them on the beach, by matching them up in groups of three.
To match 3 fruits, switch them with neighboring fruits. If you match four or more fruits, you get an exploding fruit!
If you match 5 fruits in a line you get a rainbow orange fruit, switch it with any fruit and all of that kind disappear.
If you match 5 fruits by intersecting groups of 3, you get an electric or thunder fruit, which after pairing it up zaps the whole row or column. For the extra kind of fruits you have to play in arcade or speed mode.

After each level, you get a level bonus, and at the end of the game, an achievement bonus is awarded based on how many achievements you got so far.
If you get stuck, use the Hint function by pressing the MENU button and then hint. Also, you can wait for a more subtle hint.
* Cute graphics
* Smooth animations
* Addictive gameplay
* 3 different game modes
* High score lists and achievements
* Support for posting scores to Facebook, Twitter and Myspace
* Scoreloop included

Challenge and compare your scores with your friends!
Warning! This game does not contain actual jewels (just in the menu), but the game mechanics is a lot like other jewels games.
If you like games similar to Bejeweled, Jewels, Jewellust, Fruits&Fun, you should give this a try!
If you like to use your brain, try out our other games: Reversi and Hexxagon!
If it''s too small on your screen you can try our other game Fruits&Fun. That has only a 6 by 6 board and a bit different game mechanics, but the same amount of fun!

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