FreeCall - Money Saver

FreeCall - Money Saver
(260 total ratings on Google Play)
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(260 total ratings on Google Play)


Calling for almost FREE?! FreeCall app offers cheap international or national calling using your Android mobile phone. FREE Install NOW!

First register a username or use your already registered VoIP user. With this user login to the FreeCall app and you are SET TO GO!

FreeCall offers 4 simple ways to contact your contacts:
1) VoIP call; connect your call using the Internet
2) Local access number; connect your call using a cheap local access number from your country. Use this option when your Internet signal is not very strong
3) CallBack call; we will call you and your contact. Use this option when your Internet signal is not very strong and there are no local access numbers available for your country you are still able to make a cheap international or national call
4) Text message (SMS)

Making a call with FreeCall is good for your wallet! FreeCall has rates to various countries that are up to 75% CHEAPER than most competitors!

Why pay more? Start saving now!

FreeCall Offers:
- Make cheap international VoIP calls from your Android mobile Phone
- Internet connection using Wifi, 3G, GPRS, or UMTS
- Lowest rates for latest Internet technology
- Best sound quality around
- Use your mobile phone contact book to make VoIP calls
- Works all around the world
- Smart routing to get past any voip blocking services
- Send Text messages(SMS)
- Calling information

FreeCall currently offers price cuts for calls to the following destinations:

Austria [FREE]
Czech Republic [FREE]
Germany [FREE]
Netherlands [FREE]
Switzerland [FREE]
United Kingdom [FREE]
Argentina [FIX]
Australia [FIX]
New Zealand [FIX]
Russian Federation [Moscow]
Singapore [FIX]
South Korea [FIX]
United States [FIX]
United States [MOB]
Bulgaria [FIX]
Latvia [FIX]
Puerto Rico [MOB]
South Korea [MOB]
Austria [FIX]
Belgium [FIX]
Denmark [FIX]
France [FIX]
Germany [FIX]
Hong Kong [FIX]
Hong Kong [MOB]
Hungary [FIX]
Hungary [SPC]
Ireland [FIX]
Italy [FIX]
Luxembourg [FIX]
Luxembourg [SPC]
Malaysia [FIX]
Malaysia [MOB]
Morocco [FIX]
Netherlands [FIX]
Norway [FIX]
Norway [FREE]
Poland [FIX]
Portugal [FIX]
Slovenia [FIX]
Spain [FIX]
Spain [FREE]
Sweden [FIX]
Switzerland [FIX]
Taiwan [FIX]
United Kingdom [FIX]
Czech Republic [FIX]
Finland [FIX]

Using our app as a default dialer may interfere with dialing 911 emergency services.

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