SmartVoip Call abroad

SmartVoip Call abroad
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(260 total ratings on Google Play)


SmartVoip enables you to save on your monthly calling charges by over 80%! The SmartVoip MobileVOIP app lets you make cheap or even free international calls through WiFi or 3G networks. You can choose any contact from your regular contact list or add new contacts. If you are already a SmartVoip user, you can import the contacts from your SmartVoip client as well.

Simply follow these three easy steps to start saving immediately:

1. Download the free SmartVoip dialer app
2. Register a username or log in using your existing credentials
3. Buy some credits

With SmartVoip you''ll get the first 90 days of calls to selected destinations for FREE after buying 10 euro credit! You''ll only start using your bought credit after these 90 days have expired. You can also use your credit for any calls to non-free destinations. Even for the destinations which aren''t free, SmartVoip charges the LOWEST rates available; you won''t find a cheaper telecom provider!

Saving was never this easy!

Use the SmartVoip Android app to save over 90% on your international calling charges to: Austria fixed lines, Belgium fixed lines, Canada fixed lines, China fixed lines, China mobile phones , France fixed lines, Germany fixed lines, Greece fixed lines, Hong Kong fixed lines, Hong Kong mobile phones , Hungary fixed lines, Hungary mobile phones , Italy fixed lines, Poland fixed lines, Portugal fixed lines, Russian Federation [Moscow] , Russian Federation mobile phones , Russian Federation [St Petersburg] , Singapore fixed lines, Singapore mobile phones , Spain fixed lines, Taiwan fixed lines, Thailand fixed lines, Thailand mobile phones , United Kingdom fixed lines, United States fixed lines, United States mobile phones and other destinations. Now is the time to scale down your mobile calling plan!

Using our app as a default dialer may interfere with dialing 911 emergency services.

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