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This is a composite picture app.

Beginner is making this app in spare time.
I do not speak English well enough.
I''m sorry various.

*Can not seem to transparent depending on the model.
1.Take the picture you want to the background image and transparent, save to SD card.
2.Launch the app, press "Add collection" button on the initial screen.
3.Select the image.
4.Cut to zoom in or out the selected image.(You can cut also rectangular and shifting the frame.)
5.On the editing screen,
Moving "x" to erase point, and erasing the unnecessary background area by pressing the [RGB][HSV][DEL]buttons,
Only image of the object is completed.
The collection will be stored in the "Exit".

*It does not disappear when you press the button in the initial position when you open the editing screen
*You can zoom in or out,with pinch in pinch out.

6.Press "Create a composite picture" button on the initial screen.
7.Select an image to the background.
8.Press the "Add a transparent image" button, select a collection.
9.Adjust the "Flip horizontal" "Size","Degree","Transparency",etc and touch the screen in order to adjust the position.
finished in the "Save the entire".

*More than once, more than one type, it is synthesized in the same image.

10.Press "Check composite" button, On the screen, select the file, you can and "share" and "Delete".
11.Press "Save to Storage" button,"gouseisyasinka" folder can be on the SD card, the image will be saved on the SD card.
12.From the initial screen transparent image can be shared, and from the "Check composite" composite image can be shared.

*It is also possible to import png to your own "Gouseisyasinka" by the "shared" of gallery, etc.

Editing screen1
There are three buttons, each with a different method of erasing.
Please move the "x" to the part by dragging the screen, you want to erase.
RGB---Clear it is determined by the value "R(red)""G(green)""B(blue)" of the three primary colors.
Based on the color of the portion of "x", the larger the value is greater erasing range.
HSV---Clear them determined by the value of the "Hue", "Saturation", "Lightness".
I once tried making.
DEL---Clear regardless of the color of a certain size.

Background color button---Change background color.
Cancel---Go back to the previous picture changed only once.
Window switch---Switch the top and bottom of the window position.
End---Save the image to finish editing.

Editing screen2
Add a transparent image---Determine the location of the collection, and add a transparent image collections.
Switch the subject of touch---Switch the subject of touch

*I tried to make this function, but they have to move slowly, and it takes time.
I''m not really be recommended. Please try once the longer of the mind.

Thank you for going with the description of my poor english.

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