365Apps (ex - Free Apps 365)

365Apps (ex - Free Apps 365)
(3400 total ratings on Google Play)
Free Apps 365 / Social
Downloads: 500k
(3400 total ratings on Google Play)


365Apps, download free Android apps everyday.

500 000 users take advantage of our deals every day, come and join them :)

✭✭✭ 100% Free, no subscription required!! ✭✭✭

Free Apps365 is now 365Apps, different name, same concept : join our 500 000 users!

365Apps is the first free app of its kind on Android. Download 365Apps for free and discover a new free Android app every day!

Never miss the best apps on the Android Market again ! or Don’t miss the best apps on the Android Market!

“One of the best ! Great app, no bugs, fills my smartphone with FREE apps =)” - Nick
“Helps you discover a bunch of apps. Comments are insightful and fun. Recommended!” - Melanie
“Great app! Love the idea.” - Jean
“This app changed the way I use the Android Market, now I know where to look to get a great, free Android app every day!” - Judith
“I used to be bored with my Android, I had no apps :( Now I have so many, discovering a new free app every day is really cool” - Fred
“I’m done paying for boring apps, thanks to Free Apps365 / 365Apps I’ve found new free apps every morning for FREE!” - Raf
“My credit card thanks Free Apps365 / 365Apps, so far so good! I’m a big fan” - John

The apps we feature are hand-picked by our team and are totally FREE, you’ll discover games as well as useful apps!

Every morning you’ll get a notification of the app of the day that you can download for free in no time!

Take advantage of 365Apps’ deals, whether they’re free apps, hidden gems from the Play Store, or amazing discounts, you’ll be glad you did !

If you’re a developer/publisher and wish to feature your app on 365Apps , feel free to send us an email (contact@365apps.com) or via our online form http://365apps.com/promouvoir-votre-app-android/

The team at 365Apps is pleased to bring you a free Android app every day. We select the best free apps, that haven’t reached the charts, so you can discover apps that no one else has downloaded yet! We look for high-quality free apps. These apps are free games, but also free apps. We look for price drops, good deals, discounts, sales, coupons, flash sales on the Android Market to find the apps we recommend to you. We don’t only negotiate discounts, or small promotions. We look for free apps for you to download for free/ for nothing? (no cracked versions, no free apk, or false discounts). With 365Apps, you won’t need to spend a cent and you’ll download top quality apps. Every day, the app of the day is a new surprise to download and discover. We look for the best free apps. 365Apps has been in the top apps and best apps charts. 365 days a year, a free app to download.

365Apps is the best way to find and download free and discounted apps.

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