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Animal Sound
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Animal Sound - 14 animal sounds! Let kids sounds like a lion, dolphin, whale, eagle...

Sounds amazing animals.

To stop the sound, click on the image a second time.

Animals sounds include:
- Lion it''s very similar to the cat. But is bigger. And much more brave that tom cat
- Owl it''s beautiful and night animal. Owl like mouse. But not like jerry mouse :)
- Grizzly Bear very big and angry bear. Grizzly very like fish and climb on the tree
- Frog like flies. Frog can be beautiful, and can be ugly. If you belive, when you kiss the frog turn info a princess
- Zebra is like a horse. But Zebra have only two colors. Black and White. This zebra is not this same as zebra on the street
- Hippopotamus is very beautiful, and big. Is big, but is very dangerous. Better not come near.
- Cheetah is like cat, and lion. Cheetah is very fast and agile animal.
- Eagle is very fast and dangerous bird. Eagle is also a beautiful bird that hunting on smaller animals
- Sealion is a marine animal which feeds on fish. They can be found in water parks where entertain children doing various tricks
- dolphin, it is often confused with the fish but it is a mammal. Dolphin is one of the smartest animals in the world. Often helps children with illnesses
- Rhino, is a beautiful and large animal. It is very similar to a unicorn. Also has a great horn on his forehead.
- crocodile, is one of the oldest in the world of animals. From a few hundred thousand years has not changed. It is very dangerous, yet cute:)
- Whale is one of the largest animal in the world. You can read about them in many books. Even in fairy tales, as, for instance in Pinocchio.
- An elephant, a beast from the warm countries. He is very intelligent and gregarious animal. Children always like his trumpet, which he can pour it with water. The elephant is a big animal, but apparently afraid of tiny ants.

Pictures and sounds are also for children. You can play children sound, and show picture. They can now know how animal speak.

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